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25 Jokes And Puns From National Tell A Joke Day That Might Make You Roll Your Eyes

"Mountains aren't just funny. They are hill areas." 🙄

17 Jokes That Really Went Above And Beyond

Warning: These puns may cause you to throw your phone out the window.

27 Hilariously Bad Dad Joke Tweets You'll Love And Hate So Much

You'll hate yourself if you read these and hate yourself if you don't.

People On Reddit Are Sharing Their Favorite Jokes That Never Get A Laugh And Just LOL

"What’s Al Gore’s favorite type of math? Algorithms."

You'll Hate Yourself For Laughing At These 21 Puns — I Promise

"Geology rocks but geography is where it's at."

17 Hilarious Jokes That Are So Dumb You'll Lose I.Q. Points Reading Them

From a dark alley: "Psst, man. Wanna score some REALLY dumb jokes?"

14 Celeb Food Puns That'll Make You Feel A Large Level Of Discomfort

Do these combinations make you... puncomfortable?

11 Punny Comics Only Pinoys Would Understand

Bakit ako nakakarelate sa bagong saing na bigas?! BAKEET

17 Smart Jokes That'll Probably Hurt Your Brain A Little

Are you smart enough to understand them?

18 Times Tumblr Was The Punniest Place On The Entire Goddamn Internet

"I’m looking for aesthetically-pleasing water retrieval devices for my yard. So far it’s going pretty well."

24 Book Puns About 4/20 That Will Make You Giggle

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. High.


Which Of Bob's Burgers Should You Order?

No matter which one you get, it'll be $5.95.

Couple Creates A Fun 'Winter Punderland' And Absolutely Nails It

It's the most punderful time of the year!

22 Gifts Your Best Friend At Work Will Totally Appreciate

You spend 40 hours a week together. You don't even spend that much time with your mother!

33 Gifts Only A Really Awkward Person Will Appreciate

They'll find their own way to thank you.

29 Dino-Mite Gifts To Give The Dinosaur Lover In Your Life

Amateur paleontologists will really *dig* this stuff.

There's No Way You Can Get Through These "Harry Potter" Posts Without Laughing

"My obsession with Harry Potter has gotten a bit... riddikulus."

Rohan Joshi And Biswa Kalyan Rath Have Been Having The Most Hilariously Juvenile Pun War On Facebook

Two of India's biggest comedians answer the question "Is a pun really the lowest form of humour".

59 Gifts We're Wishing For This Year

From cozy jackets to quirky books to useful kitchen gadgets, here's what BuzzFeed's Shopping & Products team is wishing for this year.

19 Purr-Fect Products For People Who Absolutely Love Cats

How many cat puns are too many? We're about to find out.

21 Hot Santas To Get You Excited... For Christmas

They're sure to bring out your inner ho ho ho!

20 Things Only Hardcore "Star Wars" Fans Will Appreciate

For true fans, they are. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

24 Gifts For People Who Love Fishing

These are guaranteed to be a hit. No de-bait about it.


21 Punny Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Every Damn Time

"Why is it called boob sweat and not humidititties?"

34 Things That Make Absolutely Perfect Gifts

Trust me, you'll want to save this list for later. The products in this post were updated in December 2017.

24 Disney Puns That Will Never Not Be Funny

"Janear, Jafar, Jawherever you are…"

23 Things That Only A Really Awkward Person Will Appreciate

::Mentally prepares five hours for small greeting:: The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

24 Adorable Matching Outfits For Parents And Their Kids

Everything you need to basically be #TwinningGoals. The products in this post were updated on October 26th, 2017.

17 Jokes That Will Make You Hate Yourself For Laughing At

I said to my dad, "What rhymes with orange?" He said, "No, it doesn't."

22 Useful Kitchen Products That'll Actually Teach You Something

From quantum mechanics to football plays, you've got some learnin' to do. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

21 Puns That'll Make You Walk Away From Your Screen

1: Read pun. 2: Groan. 3: Repeat.

People Are Sharing Their Best "The Rock" Puns And They're The Best But Also The Worst

I'm so sorry but you know I have to do it: These puns rock.

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