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Pumpkin Carving


Pumpkin spice and twice as nice.


Pumpkins and Cheez-Its. What could go wrong?


We can't all be jack-o'-lanterns.


Carving time!


My hats off to you, my good jack-o'-lantern.


You prefer them all, we know.


Pumpkin spice and everything nice!


It's that time of the year again.


This is Halloween, this is Halloween!



Put down the knife.

Craft, cook, and carve your way to the perfect Halloween night.

Carve the pumpkin of your dreams in no time.

So, everyone's gonna be Harley Quinn, Harambe, or Barb, huh?

What Potter Pumpkin should you carve?


If you didn't go apple picking, did fall even happen?


Easy peasy, pumpkin squeezy!

Bill Murray, Beyoncé and TARDIS pumpkins? Yep.

Beyoncé? Your cat? Beyoncé dancing with your cat?!

Potterheads, Breaking Bad, Tributes, Whovians, Hunters, Game of Thrones, Bronies, Ringers and Sherlockians all take pumpkin carving to a whole new level.

Because who hasn't thought, "Gee! I should carve this pumpkin with my gun!"?

Three words: DIY Chili Bar.

Pumpkin carving is a real talent. Every year Rhode Island invites artists from around the country to participate in the event.

Break out the cookie cutters and a power drill. This year, that Jack-O-Lantern is gonna look fly.

It's like comparing apples to pumpkins.

Definitely the coolest skeletal pumpkin carving you'll see today. Guaranteed!

Halloween really gives the geeks their time to shine. It's like their Pride Week.

Do this! Ze Frank has created an awesome pumpkin-carving interface. If you are artistic, there's a version where you can draw your carving directly onto the pumpkin. If, like me, you have more physical beauty than design skillz, the webcam pumpkin will help you to carve a silhouette of yourself. Pick one, and upload the results below!


The scariest thing you'll see this Halloween...

Is there a term for sexual proclivity for gourds?

For those stuck at desks or unwilling to deal with gross pumpkin pulp.

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