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15 Classic Movies Each Represented In Just 9 Film Frames

9 Film Frames Tumblr attempts the retelling of iconic movies in just nine frames.The results are actually visually compelling.


4 Famous Film Scenes With Kittens

Redditor haissam93 and her sister felt it was necessary to do these. I totally agree.


Luke, I Am Your Mustache

Designer Jacob Engberg has a wonderful series of prints called Movies Made for the Mustache, wherein he swaps out words from famous film quotes with mustache icons. "I love the smell of mustache in the morning" isn't just a quotable line from "Apocalypse Now," it's what I chant to myself every day whilst waxing my handlebars. You can buy these prints here!

Mary Bale: Cat-Binner Found, Not Arrested

This crazy lady threw an innocent cat into a bin and briskly walked away, sending the internet into an uproar. Authorities are not taking action because no criminal offence was committed. UPDATE: Her name is Mary Bale, and she has apologized.

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