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One Artist Combines Charming Collages With Random Acts Of Kindness

Inspired by PostSecret, Collage For The People creates inspiring collages that are anonymously dropped off on peoples cars with the hope of spreading positivity.

SexPaint: Sexy PostSecret By Way Of Microsoft Paint

The new tumblr SexPaint is a very fun read. The sitefeels a little like PostSecret, but exclusively focuses on sex. It even offers a web-based paint option for those without a dedicated program. Here's a sample of some of their early entries, but make sure to follow them for more.

20 Post-Mother's Day Postcards From PostSecret

Community mailed art project and anonymous secret collective PostSecret has been featured in books, magazines and even museums. Below are 20 of their secret postcards about mothers.

30 People With Stupid "Secrets"

Postsecret started it all, but lately it seems like every fandom, subculture, and trend these days has a "secrets" blog. Here's a collection of some of dumbest secrets I could find.


Text Your Secret To A Stranger

Now that you can post your number on the PostSecret MySpace page, people are anonymously texting secrets to each other in a random secret exchange.

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