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Poster Art


19 Perfect Minimalist Rap Posters

French graphic designer Zaven Najjar spent three months of 2013 creating imaginative representations of rap lyrics. These are some of the best (and available as t-shirts!)

How To Make Your Movie Better With A Typo

This looks a lot more interesting than the actual title of the film, Love in the Buff. Perhaps foreign companies will finally learn to use an English speaking proofreader (or at least a more clear font) before publishing?

Drawings For Three Rooms In Your Home

Artist Steve Lambert made some subtle, tasteful artwork to help you dress up any room in your home. Perfect for the kitchen, dining room, or even as a gift for your hosts when renting from Airbnb.

The Many Faces Of Patrick Stewart

This promotional piece by Tom Whalen for Away Mission:Orlando features Patrick Stewart in his many, many roles. I think the Captain Picard/Professor X mashup totally makes him look like Locutus of Borg. (Via)

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