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Playboy Is Bringing Back Nude Photos

Cooper Hefner, chief creative officer at the magazine and son of Hugh Hefner, announced Monday that "we're taking our identity back and reclaiming who we are."

Porn Star Jessica Drake Wants Yes To Mean Yes

In her recent work, Jessica Drake has focused on the importance of affirmative consent in sex — now, after the rape accusations against James Deen, her message has an unintended resonance for the adult industry.

Latinas Watch "Latina" Porn

We asked a group of Latinas to search through the “Latina” category of porn sites and this is what happened.

What Is Virgin-Shaming?

Like slut-shaming, virgin-shaming involves making fun of someone for their personal choices regarding sex.

What Is Feminist Porn?

"It's making a statement that women should be allowed to watch whatever kind of porn they want to watch," says porn star Courtney Trouble.

How Live Sex Will Save The Porn Industry

DVDs are dead, pay sites are struggling and porn is free and unlimited. Why live cams, Twitter and Skype may be the porn industry's last hope.

Mitt Romney Will Filter Your Porn

In these two video from Iowa in 2007 — back when he was running as a culture warrior — the former Massachusetts Governor said President Romney would require that every new computer come with a pornography "filter." This may not actually be popular.


All The Porn Sites Are Owned By The Same Company

Well, most of the free ones, anyway. Just a couple of dudes "from the competitive-foosball circuit" in Montreal. Click through to NYMag for the full scoop on this vast porn hegemony that's been controlling the pornography part of your brain since 2007.

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