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When asked if she told police that her staff member had leaked to the media, Cash said "they did not ask".

BuzzFeed News broke the story last year that Keenan's office was involved.

David De Garis has admitted to calling "several media outlets" ahead of the AFP raid on the AWU.

“I respectfully decline to answer on the grounds it may incriminate me,” he told the court.

A new report by Liberty warns that predictive crime-fighting software is being rolled out across the country without adequate safeguards.


The likelihood that police will solve homicides and assaults has plummeted — particularly when the culprit uses a gun, and particularly when the victims are black or Hispanic.

The attorney for Anna Chambers, the alleged victim, told BuzzFeed News that "nothing has changed in terms of what happened to Anna on that night.”

Geraldo Iglesias, convicted of a 1993 murder, is the 10th man to be exonerated since a BuzzFeed News investigation revealed that the Chicago detective at the center of the case, Reynaldo Guevara, was accused of framing more than 50 people for murder.

Police will allege that he sent 38 parcels to consulates and embassies in Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney.

Police said Reginald Wallace opened fire on people during a chaotic fight at a bowling alley near Los Angeles Friday night.

"DoubleTree by Hilton has zero tolerance for racism," the hotel chain said on Twitter.


More than a year after Cook County prosecutors said they’d review the conviction, a detective on the case has been discredited and a key witness has said she was pressured to falsely identify the convicted man. So why have prosecutors rescinded an offer to review the case?

Margaret Gieszinger has been removed from the school for the incident and could face three and a half years in jail.

Emantic “EJ” Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. "posed no threat to the off-duty Hoover Police Department officer who killed him," according to a statement from the family's lawyer.

A series of leaks raises the question of whether French authorities can be trusted to protect sensitive information.

The French government will meet with opposition parties and protest leaders to curb violence, but stopped short of declaring a state of emergency.

Alabama police incorrectly thought Emantic “EJ” Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. opened fire at a shopping center and killed him at the scene. They’ve now arrested another man for the shooting.

Mitchell Todd, 51, was charged with making criminal threats following a dispute over money with a customer, who had hired Todd's company for his son's funeral.

"A 16-year-old youth has been interviewed and reported for summons, for an offence of assault," West Yorkshire police said.

“The family has no trust in the narrative that is offered by the police,” said the family’s attorney.

California is a progressive stronghold. It’s also home to some of the most unjust laws in the nation.

Schwimmer made a viral video that helped publicise a police appeal after people on the internet said the suspect resembled the former Friends actor.

The Australian Workers' Union hired private investigators to track him down.

According to a recently unsealed federal indictment, two Massachusetts police officers, who pleaded not guilty Wednesday, are accused of using excessive force and other charges.

Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis conducted studies using psychoactive drugs on “agitated” patients without their consent.

David Mesher apologised on ITV's Good Morning Britain.

PC Mark Foster received a written warning for holding Steven Smith around the neck with such force that a witness said his face went blue.

The students, who are 11 and 12, allegedly told police they were Satan worshippers and had planned the attack over the past few days.

"Senator Cameron, I'm not going to go through with you the dance that you now want to do," Cash said.

Michaelia Cash has refused to go into detail about the leaks from her office.

The AWU wants Cash's former chief of staff to give evidence about the raid leaks.

"I am not prepared to rule out or rule in or make any comment about who that investigation may or may not have taken an interest in," said AFP commissioner Andrew Colvin.

The fetuses were discovered at Perry Funeral Home on Trumbull Avenue, according to Detroit police.

A video clip of the man — who was not removed from the flight — repeatedly insulting the woman has gone viral.

The girl's mother said she is "heartbroken" and "can't trust" the police anymore.

The Hate U Give, Monsters and Men, and Blindspotting don't have anything to say beyond police brutality is bad. (Warning: spoilers.)

“If anybody wants to fight or run, I’m a little trigger-happy, guys, I’m not gonna lie,” the officer, Stephen Barone, was heard saying in a video that went viral.

At any point, Mayor Bill de Blasio could have held the police accountable for my son’s death. He’s chosen not to.

"I don't think anyone's planning on arresting a 13-year-old for trick-or-treating."

The magpie was mainly "quiet and lovely" but had a dark side.

Five years after his ex died, Brian Paddick is breaking his silence to warn others about the dangers of GHB. “I should apologise to him for not doing something earlier.”

But the policy supporting it should be released to the public.

"It shouldn't be strange that a black woman's knocking on your door."

Amber Guyger, a 30-year-old white police officer who says she mistook Botham Shem Jean's residence for her own, has been arrested for manslaughter.

Police in Cape Coral, Florida, said Abraham Duarte fled after a traffic stop straight into blue-green algae.

A parliamentary inquiry has found the police complaints system in Victoria needs "significant improvement".

Marquez, who also appeared in Melrose Place and Stand and Deliver, died of gunshot wounds after she pointed what was thought to be a handgun at officers, police said.

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