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Pokemon Go


Take This Quiz To See How Well You Know Your Pokédex

You can't catch 'em all if you can't name 'em all!

25 Hilarious Gaming Tweets To Scroll Through While You're Waiting For Your PC To Turn On

"The first week of Pokémon GO was probably the closest thing we'll ever have to world peace."


19 Things From Millennial Culture That'll Probably Be Romanticized In 40 Years

"It was called dabbing, and it went a little something like this..."

I'm Literally So Excited For This Harry Potter Mobile Game

Your Hogwarts letter has finally arrived.

Pokémon Go Has A New, More Realistic Augmented Reality Mode

You can now approach and move *around* Pokémon — only if you have an iOS device, that is.

These 12 Augmented Reality Experiences On iPhones Already Look Like The Future

Apple developers are already building experimental AR experiences for iOS 11 and some of them look lit AF.

A Grandfather Was Shot And Killed While Playing Pokémon Go

A 60-year-old Chinese man from Virginia was allegedly playing the game before a private security guard opened fire.

22 People Who Took Their Love Of Video Games To The Next Level

"It's dangerous to go alone, take this engagement ring."

Shigeru Miyamoto Explains Why Nintendo Finally Brought Mario To The iPhone

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, the creator of Mario speaks about his iconic videogame's iPhone and iPad debut.

Ex-Googler Debuts An AR App That Lets You Build Your Own Pokémon Go

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner and venture capital company Greylock Partners are betting on an app that sets a foundation for more augmented reality applications.

15 Ridiculously Easy Pokemon Halloween Costumes You Can Make For $30

Gotta catch 'em all! But not make 'em all, promise.

For Everyone Who's Still Playing Pokémon Go

Don't let the haters get you down.

The 13 Worst Parts About Still Playing "Pokémon Go" Today

Gotta catch 'em all! (Except Porygon.)

Let's Take A Moment To Appreciate The Genius Of Whoever Runs AIB's Social Media Accounts

I don't know who it is, but SOMEONE at the All India Bakchod office deserves a damn raise.

This Is A US Government-Sponsored Report On Pokémon Go

Remember Pokémon Go? This State Department advisory board does and wants to warn businesses about its dangers.

There's A Gay Porn Parody Of "Pokémon Go" Because Of Course There Is

Get set for the absolute destruction of your childhood.

British Zoos Have Raised More Than £80,000 Hosting Pokémon Go Nights

Money raised from catching pocket monsters is helping zoos save real animals.

Pokemon Go And Mario Coming To Apple Watch And iOS

Wild Snorlaxes, coming soon to your wrist.

Twitter Is In Disbelief That An Indian Court Filed A Case Against Pokemon Go Because Of Eggs

Eggs present in the game are freely available at Pokestops, many of which happen to be at temples. The petitioner stated that since eggs are non-vegetarian, it is blasphemous that they be present in places of worship for Hindus and Jains.

A YouTuber Is Going To Prison For Playing Pokémon Go In A Church

The university student could face up to five years in prison.


How Well Do You Remember Pokémon Types And Moves?

PIKACHU used THUNDER! It's super effective!

Police Have Logged Hundreds Of Pokémon Go–Related Crimes, Including A Street Brawl

Hundreds of crimes, including a brawl involving 30 players and reports of trespassing, have been recorded by police in England and Wales.


Which Eevee Evolution Are You?

Why search for a stone when you can take a quiz?

Here's What Pokémon In Pokémon Go Should Be Called

Pidgey = literally more common than air.

Des militantes féministes répondent aux anti-IVG en recouvrant leurs tags

«Il était inacceptable pour le collectif de ne pas lutter contre une campagne qui désinforme les jeunes filles sur leurs droits», explique une participante à l’action.


22 beschissene Pokéstops

Auch das ist Deutschland.


This Pokémon Go Player Just Became The Very First To Catch 'Em All Worldwide

Nick Johnson was the first Pokémon Go player to catch all the available Pokémon in America. And then he went on a mission across the globe for the rest.

Voilà les petits tracas causés par Pokémon Go pour les gardiens des parcs

Nous vivons désormais dans un pokémonde et les services de sécurité des parcs et jardins ont bien été obligés de s’adapter. Nous sommes allés voir comment cela se passait dans le parc de la Villette, à Paris.

23 Tweets That'll Prove The Philippines Is So Ready For Pokémon Go

"Pokemon Go is now available in the Philippines. CHAR(mander)!"

Text Your Parents And Ask Them To Name A Pokémon

Whose parents will be the very best response?

Literally Just 24 Really Funny Tumblr Posts About Pokémon

Pika! Pika! *electronic screams of the damned*

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