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Pokemon Fan Art

100 Human-Like Pokémon Adaptations

Steven Kyle actually took the time to make the human-like version of almost every single Pokémon.

30 Incredible Works Of Art Inspired By Pokemon Fusion

By now, everyone has had their fun with the Pokemon Fusion site, but artists on tumblr and deviantART are taking their creations to a whole new level.

I Want To Be The Very Best

Pokemon had a large impact on the life of digital illustrator R.J. Palmer when he was a child. So he designed this giant digital mural as an adult as a sort of tribute to all the good times he had. (Via)


Pokemon From Hell

Pokemon from Hell is easily one of the most terrifying collections of fan art I've ever seen. The visuals are awesome, the images are highly disturbing, and even the most boring and cute Pokemon are transformed into creepy and horrible monsters.

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