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Tell Us Which Song Lyrics Get You Seriously All Choked Up

We've all cried over a song, haven't we?

12 Books By (And About) Lesbians And Bisexual Women To Read This Pride Month

Invite queer women from different decades to hang out with you from this mix of older and modern classics.

Two Poems For Black Mothers In America

"But look at me. Still on my hands and knees—still pushing."

13 Books By Queer Poets To Add To Your Reading List

Celebrate National Poetry Month with these evocative, groundbreaking collections.

I Did A Close Reading Of The Poem Justin Bieber Wrote Hailey So You Don't Have To

"How big and how vast our world is around us / So grateful for god we were lost but he found us."

15 Beautiful Lines Written By Mary Oliver

The Pulitzer Prize–winning poet died today at age 83.

Pulitzer Prize–Winning Poet Mary Oliver Has Died At 83

Celebrated for her nature-inspired poems, Oliver was named “the country’s best-selling poet.”

Poetry: After Watching “Surviving R. Kelly”

"People want me to believe / there’s a difference when the result / is the same, same, same."

10 Poets On Their Favorite Poetry Collections Of 2018

Jenny Xie, Tommy Pico, Sam Sax, and seven other poets share their favorite collections of the year.

12 Accomplished Authors Give Their Book Recommendations

Each month this year, we asked writers like Meg Wolitzer, Tayari Jones, and Sloane Crosley what they’ve been reading. Here are their picks.

Poetry: "Brooklyn, Ocean Avenue. 2006"

"So here I am / lying next to my husband, / children tucked into their bunks, / divorce papers nesting / in a printer on 138th"

Here Are The 2018 National Book Award Winners

The winners were revealed at the 69th National Book Awards ceremony.


Do You Know These Famous Poems By Their First Lines?

Finally, a quiz for high school English teachers.

If You're Having A Bad Day, Follow These Instagram 15 Poets

For when you just want to feel a little better.

Poetry: "train song"

"the train today / is every reason / i love new york / as a place / to visit / but not die in."


"I don’t owe you an explanation. / No one owes anyone their body."

Poetry: "Tamara"

"Tamara was the Flo-Jo of elementary school. / If you were lucky, / you’d catch a glimpse of her trailing hair / before she reached the finish line."

Poetry: “The Places We Are Not”

are you ok is the hook / are you ok is code for / we are not ok / but please remind me you are breathing.”

Poetry: "What Happened"

"We remember the story / we commit to. Then, we tell / ourselves it happened."

How To Start A Heartsong Journal, AKA An Encyclopedia Of You

It's like a little scrapbook of the soul.

12 Portraits Of Poets Show Sides You Really Wouldn't Expect

These writers are anything but boring.

This Slam Poet Addressed The Effects Catcalling Can Have On Women

"Men have yelled at me in the street since I was twelve."

Poetry: "which art? what fact?"

"what histories are natural & what artifacts art? / how do we decide the borders of a country / or an era or a solar system? when did we decide / our planet meant only this collection of green?"

We Asked A Poetry Professor To Critique Those “Broems” On LinkedIn

“The achievement of 'Step 15: Profit' is as simple as reciting the meditative cadences found in this poem.”

Slam Poet Shamir Reuben Has Been Accused Of Sexually Harassing Minors

In a Facebook post, multiple women shared stories of how Reuben made sexual advances toward them when they were minors.

What's Your Favorite Line Of Poetry?

"My words echo, thus, in your mind." —T. S. Eliot

Poetry: "Trophy"

What did Chuck really bring home from the lake?

The 13 Best Poetry Books Of 2017

Here are the poetry collections that we absolutely loved in 2017. (Ranked in no particular order.)

13 Poems That Will Move You

From verse about Columbus Day to trying to masturbate on election night — these poems have range.

42 Gifts Under $10 That Won't Make You Seem Cheap

Yep, I totally bought this at a fancy boutique.

If You Love Music, Here Are 17 Books To Add To Your Reading List

From memoirs to coffee-table books to how music affects your brain, recommendations from BuzzFeed editors!

Here Are The 2017 National Book Award Winners

The winners were revealed at the 68th National Book Awards ceremony.

This Couple Published A Book Of Poetry Based On Famous Vines And It's A Bestseller

Based on a variety of memes, milk and vine takes inspiration from the bestselling milk and honey, and it's way, way, better.

25 Awesomely Spooky Products For Tim Burton Lovers

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Poem: "Woo Woo Roll Deep"

"You can’t tell us / shit. We always down for the miracle."

Poetry: "Columbus"

"What else / have I claimed that was not mine?"

Poem: "Cotton Candy"

"My mother wept nightly for eight years / my living curled its hands / around her throat not choking exactly."

28 Exciting New Books You Need To Read This Fall

New books by Salman Rushdie, Jennifer Egan, Jesmyn Ward, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and John Green, oh my!

Poem: "Living On Earth" By Alex Dimitrov

"What does the moon know of our language, / our care for its perceived loneliness / which may be its one joy."

The Problem With Rupi Kaur's Poetry

The milk and honey author's use of unspecified collective trauma in her quest to depict the quintessential South Asian female experience feels disingenuous.

Poem: "Buen Esqueleto" By Natalie Scenters-Zapico

"Life is short, & I show them how to talk / to police without opening the door / how /to leave the social security number blank / on the exam, I tell this to mis hijas."

Sherman Alexie on How Trump is Turning the US Into a Reservation

Sherman Alexie on what it means for Trump to treat the entire country like a reservation — and writing a memoir about a great woman who was not a great mother.


It's Time To Find Out Which Famous Poet You're Most Like

There are no bad results when it comes to good poetry.

21 Ridiculously Clever Mugs That Are 100% Funnier Than You

I take my coffee with milk, sugar, and a splash of humor. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

How Maya Angelou Taught Me To Live A Fuller Life

It wasn’t until Maya Angelou died that the full story of her life opened up to me, and helped me open up my own life in turn.

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