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Poetry: "Brooklyn, Ocean Avenue. 2006"

"So here I am / lying next to my husband, / children tucked into their bunks, / divorce papers nesting / in a printer on 138th"

Poetry: "train song"

"the train today / is every reason / i love new york / as a place / to visit / but not die in."

Poetry: "Tamara"

"Tamara was the Flo-Jo of elementary school. / If you were lucky, / you’d catch a glimpse of her trailing hair / before she reached the finish line."

Poetry: “The Places We Are Not”

are you ok is the hook / are you ok is code for / we are not ok / but please remind me you are breathing.”

Poetry: "which art? what fact?"

"what histories are natural & what artifacts art? / how do we decide the borders of a country / or an era or a solar system? when did we decide / our planet meant only this collection of green?"

Poetry: "Trophy"

What did Chuck really bring home from the lake?

The 13 Best Poetry Books Of 2017

Here are the poetry collections that we absolutely loved in 2017. (Ranked in no particular order.)

13 Poems That Will Move You

From verse about Columbus Day to trying to masturbate on election night — these poems have range.

Poem: "Woo Woo Roll Deep"

"You can’t tell us / shit. We always down for the miracle."

Poetry: "Columbus"

"What else / have I claimed that was not mine?"

Poem: "Cotton Candy"

"My mother wept nightly for eight years / my living curled its hands / around her throat not choking exactly."

The Problem With Rupi Kaur's Poetry

The milk and honey author's use of unspecified collective trauma in her quest to depict the quintessential South Asian female experience feels disingenuous.

27 Books Everyone In America Should Read

These novels, essay collections, memoirs, histories, and more will help you understand why there is no feminism without intersectionality, why we should remember our history before we repeat it, and why Roe v. Wade is a lot more tenuous than you might think.

22 Poems That Got You Through 2016

Amidst the ongoing wars over culture, truth and language that defined 2016, here are some of poems we read in order to find America's pulse.

Poem: "A New National Anthem" By Ada Limón

"Every song of this country / has an unsung third stanza, something brutal / snaking underneath us as we blindly sing / the high notes..."

Poem: "The Plums" By Anis Mojgani

"The plums rain down and we feel the wind made by their bodies passing before the thuds of them hitting the soft ground."

Poem: "Minefields" By Kyle Dargan

"Many men are booby traps. You think you're picking up a song, a shield, or a heart, then, lo and behold, there's a man inside."

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