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'The Dark Knight Rises' Wedding

When newlyweds Rich and Nicole Walsh emerged from their nuptials in Pittsburgh, they received the greatest gift of all...a Batmobile parked across the street from the church. The filmmakers of The Dark Knight Rises were gracious enough to let the bride and groom get some photos on one of Batman's Tumblers. The sweetly nerdy moment was captured on video. Nothing from the Crate & Barrel registry will ever live up to this.


Batman Vs. Bane

We've already seen Batman busting a gut, and the Desert Storm model of the Batmobile, but here's a whole new slew of photos from the Pittsburgh shoot of "The Dark Knight Rises." Along with Christian Bale and Tom Hardy slugging it out, we can also see our first glimpses of Marion Cottilard as (probably) Talia al Guhl and what appears to be a new Batpod cycle. Also, an adorable photo of some newlyweds who were allowed to get their photo taken with the Tumbler.

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