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Piers Morgan

18 Opinions Piers Morgan Has Held

To recap: Kim Kardashian is both good and bad; so is Kanye West; pop stars are like suffragettes, except when they're not; the jury is still out on Black Lives Matter.

Piers Morgan Takes One Last Swipe At The NRA In Final Goodbye

"My point is simple, more guns doesn't mean less crime as the NRA repeatedly tries to tell you -- it means more gun violence, more death, and more profits for the gun manufacturers," Morgan said in the final segment of his CNN show Piers Morgan Live.

Watch Piers Morgan Fire An AR-15

The CNN host continues his crusade against guns by firing some at a shooting range in Texas.

Wolf Blitzer Corrects Piers Morgan For Saying John King "Attacked" Newt Gingrich At Debate

Here's something you don't see every day. Following his interview with Newt Gingrich's daughters on CNN tonight, Piers Morgan was corrected by Wolf Blitzer for suggesting during it that John King's debate-opening question to Gingrich on Thursday about his ex-wife's "open marriage" claims constituted an attack against Gingrich.


20 Pictures Of People Pissed Off By Piers Morgan

Can you really blame them? Piers Morgan is known for many things. Asking good questions of his guests on "Piers Morgan Tonight" is not one of them. What is good, though, is that--when he does ask something dumb--Morgan's guests are usually not shy about shooting him a dirty look. To illustrate, I captured images of 20 such instances. (h/t Dave Weigel)

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