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Photoshop Disasters


Photoshop Abuse Of The Female Body In Advertising

You know fashion photo editors do it. Well, ad creative directors do it more, and more abusively. 11 ads.


The FBI's Awful Bin Laden PhotoShop

The FBI is still using a highly embarrassing "age-progressed" PhotoShop of bin Laden on its Most Wanted page.

Emma Watson Loses Leg For Fashion

Emma seems to have lost her leg (no thanks to Photoshop) while posing with her brother Alex for the Burberry SS2010 photo shoot by Mario Testino. Fret not, Hermione can use magic to get her leg back!

Bobblehead Ralph Lauren Model

Boing Boing and Ralph Lauren are in some sort of internet war over this photo, which BB posted because her (Photoshopped) body defies the laws of physics.

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