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Thought-Provoking Photographs From The Front Seat Of A Taxi

Mike Harvey says photographing his customers has taught him not to judge people at first glance.


10 Amazing Black And White Photos Of Vintage New York

History never looked so good. The New York City Department of Records recently unveiled a massive online archive of over 800,000 scanned pictures. Here are but a few.

How To Take The Perfect Vertigo Photo

Dennis Maitland's 'Life on the Edge' photos are intensely beautiful, but also kind of make you want to throw up. Maitland explains how to take the perfect puke shot.


33 Stunning Photos Of Our Amazing Planet Earth Taken By A Guy In Space

Whoa. These weren't taken by a billion dollar satellite, just a dude and his Nikon. Turns out Dutch astronaut and physician Andre Kuipers, currently doing research on the International Space Station, is quite the interstellar shutterbug. All of the captions and photos (save the last) are his. Some of these don't even look real.

Broken Houses

Artist Ofra Lapid uses photographs of abandoned buildings to construct small scale models of the decaying structures. It's intriguing to see these forgotten buildings isolated from their surroundings and paid such close attention.

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