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Accused Penn State Child Rapist Gives First Interview Since Scandal Broke

Jerry Sandusky, the former assistant football coach charged with 40 counts of child sex abuse, breaks his silence on the Penn State scandal with Bob Costas. And he unsurprisingly denies all the charges. "Horsing around" and "horseplay" are terms that are now forever tainted.

Why You Should Be Furious About The Penn State Child Rape Scandal

This is the horrific and damning story of Victim 2. From the Grand Jury Report into the alleged and repeated rape of young boys by former Penn State Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky. The report identifies at least 8 victims, but Victim 2 is the case that directly involved Head Coach Joe Paterno and the upper echelons of the Penn State hierarchy. The abuse that's described, and the resultant cover up, is shocking.

The Barry Bonds Ballooning Timeline

Federal prosecutors, in the upcoming perjury and obstruction of justice trial of Barry Bonds, will show these photos of the baseball star in an attempt to prove he was lying under oath about taking steroids. They span from his slender days as a college player in the early '80s to his final professional season as a human mountain in 2007. The one of Bonds in an open bathrobe and gold chains seems to just be for fun.

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