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Perd Hapley


17 Times "Parks And Rec" Crossed Over Into Other TV Shows And You Didn't Even Notice

True story: You can see Pawnee City Hall outside Sheldon Cooper's window.


Are You More Like Perd Hapley Or Joan Callamezzo?

Listen up, Pawneeans. The time has come to find out which local news anchor you're really like.

"Parks And Rec's" Perd Hapley Is A Recurring Newsreader In Everything

The story of this story is, that there is a story.

"Parks And Recreation" Webisode Offers Scintillating Debate With The Hapley Group

Ya' heard, Perd? BuzzFeed has a first look at the new Parks and Rec webisode, which revolves around Pawnee's favorite news anchor and most notable pundits.

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