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Penn Badgley


テレビドラマ『ゴシップガール』のジェニー役でお馴染み、現在は自身のバンド「The Pretty Reckless」のメインボーカルとして活躍するテイラー・モンセン。ポッドキャスト番組に出演し、子役時代を振り返りました。

Taylor Momsen Explained Why She Felt "Isolated" From The Rest Of The "Gossip Girl" Cast And, Like, Totally Valid

"I didn't have my own clique. I didn’t fit in with you guys, I didn’t fit in with Connor [Paolo]’s friends — I was younger than them. I was the new girl. I was Grinch girl. I was always in this kind of weird, isolated world — partially of my own creating, probably.”

22 Celebrity Duos — And One Trio — Who Used To Be Roommates

Penn Badgley was only 19 when he was Milo Ventimiglia's roommate. So, Milo would give Penn his ID when they would go out with friends. Milo would make sure Penn got into whatever club or bar they were going to, wait 15 minutes, and then try to enter using his passport.

The Best TV Shows In 2023 So Far

From that HBO zombie series everyone keeps talking about to Ali Wong and Steven Yeun's dark Netflix comedy.

14 Actors Who've Said "No" To On-Screen Nudity And Sex Scenes Out Of Respect For Their Partners, Families, Religion, And More

For the most recent season of You, Penn Badgley asked producers to do fewer sex scenes out of respect for his marriage. He said, "Fidelity in every relationship, including my marriage, is important to me. It's got to the point where I don't want to [film sex scenes]."

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