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A Guy Gave A Facebook Account To The World And Things Got Very Weird

Joe Veix's experiment was strange, funny, and told him more about social media than you might expect.


What 25,000 Passwords Look And Sound Like

Joerg Piringer assembled 25,727 passwords from a Lulzsec hack at 1 per frame. At 25 passwords a second, that's over 17 minutes of passwords. You can skip around and see if yours made the list but the bits around '123456' go on for quite a while. On a side note, anyone who has 123456 as a password should be banned from the Internet for life. (Via)

The Top 20 Passwords Of All Time

Zone Alarm compiled a list of the most common Passwords and gives advice how to avoid the usual mistakes made when choosing a password. It's an infographic! You love infographics.

Twitterank Freaks Everyone Out

Twitter ranking site Twitterank was the big news on Twitter today, until users started worrying about the fact that they'd unquestioningly given it their passwords.

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