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How One New Netflix Series Shows Teen Gun Violence Is Bigger Than Just Parkland

“Our world hasn’t been safe for a while. Kids have not been safe — it doesn’t matter what neighborhood you’re in,” the co-creator of On My Block told BuzzFeed News. (Warning: some spoilers ahead.)

After A Two-Decade Ban, Congress Finally Says The Federal Government Can Study Gun Violence

Ambitious gun control plans were left out of Congress’s final must-pass bill before the fall, but the legislation does include two potentially significant changes.

What It’s Like For School Shooting Survivors To Watch The Parkland Protests

Not every kid who’s lived through a school shooting has the same cause to advance. For some, this is their chance to march in memory of classmates killed years ago. Others will avoid the protests altogether.

A Republican Candidate Has Dropped Out After Insulting A Parkland Survivor As A "Skinhead Lesbian"

Now, a 28-year-old woman who was “horrified and embarrassed” by the candidate is running to fill the seat in her first-ever campaign.

Republicans Are Looking To Pass A Minor Background Check Bill And Avoid A Gun Control Debate Altogether

Despite a series of gun control proposals in Congress, Senate leadership appears to be focused on a single background check bill, and even that may never see the floor due to disagreements between the two parties.

Teens Brought Their Meme Brilliance To The National School Walkout

"Bringing those memes and jokes of our generation to the march, where change is created, really shows how great our generation is."

Protesters Left 7,000 Pairs Of Shoes In Front Of The Capitol For Children Killed By Gun Violence

The shoes represent the children killed just since the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012. Protesters are pushing Congress to pass gun control legislation in the wake of the Parkland shooting last month.

Suspected Florida School Shooter Nikolas Cruz Told His Therapists He Dreamed About Killing People

Years before the Parkland school shooting, Cruz described a dream he had about killing people, his loneliness, and his obsession with going on YouTube to research wars.

Trump Just Released His School Safety Plan And It Involves Arming Teachers

The White House said it will use government funding to help states train and arm school personnel as part of Trump's new school safety policy.

The Parkland School Deputy Told Officers To Stay Away From The Building Where The Shooting Was Taking Place

"Stay at least 500 feet away at this point," the school resource deputy told other responding officers while a shooter opened fire on students and faculty.

The FBI Says It Mishandled Multiple Tips About Nikolas Cruz And Never Contacted YouTube Or Local Authorities

The FBI was able to connect information about Nikolas Cruz to the September 2017 tip about a threatening YouTube comment but never pursued it.

Here’s What It’s Like To Be The Face Of A National Movement When You’re A Senior In High School

For Florida shooting survivors like Emma González, there's little time to dwell on life before: They've got a movement to lead.

Florida Senators Say Law Enforcement Should Seize Guns From People Who Are Deemed Likely To Be Dangerous

The bill from the two Florida senators would push expansion of laws allowing police to seize someone’s weapons if they believe that person is planning to use them for violent ends.

Dwyane Wade Visited Florida's Stoneman Douglas School After One Of The Students Killed Was Buried In His Jersey

"Dwyane Wade had a longer, more personable conversation with us than the secretary of education," one student told BuzzFeed News.

Bernie Has A Gun Problem. Will He Deal With It?

Not long after an assault weapons ban expired, Sanders voted to give gunmakers wide-ranging legal immunity. The result has been catastrophic.

Bumble Just Banned Gun Photos From Its App In Response To The Parkland Shooting

The dating app announced it will no longer let its nearly 30 million users post photos with firearms.

This Group Changed A Shooting Range Billboard To Say "Shoot A School Kid" After The Florida School Shooting

A guerrilla art group took credit for the vandalism, saying it was in response to "our government’s inability to honor the victims of mass shootings by distancing themselves from the homicidal policies of the NRA."

Senators Expect To Vote On Gun Control Bills In The Next Week

The Senate could vote on gun control measures ranging from an assault rifle ban to expanding background checks as early as next week.

Here Are Photos From The Emotional Return To Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

On Sunday, hundreds of students and families returned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to gather their belongings and visit the campus for the first time since the Valentine's Day massacre.

The Broward Sheriff Just Said He Won't Resign

"I exercised my due diligence. I've given amazing leadership to this agency."

Florida School Shooting Survivor Calls On Melania Trump To Bring Her Anti-Bullying Message To Trump Jr.

The president's son liked two tweets referring to a conspiracy theory attempting to discredit survivors.

After Florida School Shooting, Several Survivors And Victims' Parents Pan Trump's Idea To Arm Teachers

"I honestly believed he was listening and compassionate toward us and did a great job, but as soon as I heard him say we should arm teachers, I was in shock."

Colleges Are Promising High Schoolers That Getting Suspended For Protesting Guns Won’t Hurt Their Admissions Chances

Several high schools said students who participate in walkouts could be suspended, but colleges say they won't penalize them.

Guess Who Thinks Arming Teachers Is A Really, Really Bad Idea? Military Combat Veterans.

“How to stand your ground when an aggressor is trying to kill you — that’s not something that comes naturally to people.”

Trump Tweeted He Never Said "Give Teachers Guns" — Then He Said Teachers Should Have Guns

The president originally made the "concealed carry" proposal Wednesday at a town hall with the families of victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting, before going into detail Thursday morning.

This Florida Sheriff Just Called Out The NRA For Failing Students By Not Supporting Gun Control

“I think what we need in America is less guns on our streets, not more guns.”

The Pro-Trump Media Has Met Its Match In The Parkland Students

The pro-Trump media chose a political enemy effectively born onto the internet and innately capable of waging an information war.

Nope, The Florida School Shooting Survivors Demanding Gun Control Are Not Crisis Actors

Right-wing websites are fueling a now-viral conspiracy theory that Florida high school students demanding gun control are actors pushing a liberal agenda. The theory was even promoted by the aide of a Florida lawmaker.

Trump Has Asked AG Jeff Sessions To Come Up With Regulations Banning "Bump Stocks"

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been reviewing the definition of what constitutes a "machine gun" and whether bump stocks, which were used in the deadly Las Vegas mass shooting, should fall under the definition.

High School Students Are Organizing Walkouts To Protest Gun Violence

The Tuesday walkouts are just the beginning of several planned national school walkouts.

Florida Student Who Died Holding Door For Others Is Among Those The Army Is Honoring With Its Heroism Medal

Fifteen-year-old Peter Wang received the medal at his funeral. Two other JROTC cadets who died are also recipients.

Authorities Were Called To Alleged Florida School Shooter Nikolas Cruz's House More Than 35 Times

Years of sheriff's reports detail consistent issues with Nikolas Cruz and his brother, Zachary, describing two erratic, violent, and turbulent boys who repeatedly "threw items," were "out of control," and "ran away from home."

Students Who Lived Through The Florida Shooting Are Angry And They Want You To Know

“I was hiding in a closet for 2 hours. It was about guns. You weren’t there, you don’t know how it felt.”

If Only The FBI Had Asked YouTube What It Knew About Nikolas Cruz

YouTuber Ben Bennight had alerted the FBI that someone named Nikolas Cruz left a threatening remark on his channel. The FBI said Thursday it couldn't identify Cruz, but it apparently didn't ask YouTube.

This Actor Has Played JFK Four Times

Actor Brett Stimely has portrayed the slain president four times on screen, including in Parkland — which arrives on DVD today and recounts that fateful day 50 years ago in Dallas. He talks to BuzzFeed about why he’s constantly channeling Jack Kennedy.

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