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Here's How To Make Kid President Out Of Origami

Origami paper artist Lisa KN gives us a glimpse into how she creates her amazing pop culture portraits. Art meets craft meets the internet.

22 Delightfully Crafty Origami Wild Animals

Origami artist Quentin Trollip makes the most fantastic folded paper creations. Sorry, they don't come with instructions (as if we could do them anyway).


Jello Origami

This changes everything. The good people at My Jello Americans have not only created a new way to eat Jello -- they call it "Jellogami" -- but they've recorded an instructional video so that we can make it ourselves. Not that my clumsy hands could ever create something so perfect...


Hidden Messages On Dollar Bills

Artist Dan Tague creates messages of empowerment from folding dollar bills, sometimes as many as 100 times.

Star Wars Origami

Actually, Liam Brazier is responsible for more than just intergalactic fan art. He does comic book characters, too. (Via Official Hype).

Origami Animal Skeletons

And I was so proud of my paper boat. Using a cultural art form, Takayuki Hori created representations of animals that are losing their natural habitats in Japan. The translucent paper and intricate skeletal structure highlight how fragile these creatures really are.

Make It Beautiful With Stop Motion Origami

Johnny Miller and Philip Leaman have created a cute and whimsical stop motion animation featuring little origami squares.


Amazing Papercraft

Artist Taras Lesko has always had a passion for creating something with his hands. One paper model consists of about several hundreds of individual parts, a couple of hundred letter sized paper sheets, and is over 3 feet tall.

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