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Chrome Extension Highlights Alt-Right Vocabulary

For the past eight months, I've studied the alt-right. Francis Tseng and I built a Chrome extension to highlight words that have special meaning in their online forums.

How To Train An Algorithm To Understand A Hurricane

My collaborator and I trained a neural net on images I've taken of my family for the past 13 years, since Hurricane Katrina. Can you teach an algorithm emotions and poetry? We explored.

We Built A Fake Cell Phone To Track Clandestine Surveillance

IMSI catchers, or “Stingrays,” are increasingly being used to surveil private citizens in public. The Open Lab recently deployed a device for detecting these fake cell towers in use. You can build one, too.

In The Lab

Open Studios in Brooklyn, and a few things we're reading.

Lessons From Narratology

Researching methods that literary theorists use to understand stories teaches strategies for locating and revealing stories in image collections.

Thermografree, An Open Source Broadband Thermal Camera

Thermal cameras can be used to improve building efficiency, rescue disaster victims, and even detect atmospheric gases. Thermografree can't detect gas yet, but it is inexpensive and open source.

Tools For Working With Images

Before I could develop and test a new user interface, I needed to assemble some basic tools for importing images, extracting data, and organizing it all.

My Little Android: Surgery Edition

A new educational kit from the makers of Andre: The RoboPup That Feels and Starfish Cat: Your Living Monstrosity

Writing Robots, Anti-Eviction Mapping & Floating Forests

The Saito Group is finished with our Open Lab fellowship; it has been one intense year of software development and site-specific projections in San Francisco and New York City.

Meet The New Fellows

Look for lots of great machine learning, tools to address online harrassment, and expanding conversations in the second year of BuzzFeed's Open Lab for Journalism, Technology, and the Arts.

Buzz Bot: What We Learned

We launched Buzz Bot with big plans to play with a newsroom bot that is a reporting tool rather than primarily a distribution tool. We wanted to test a bot that is pull than push.

Emojis + Color + Slack = Colorbot

Colorbot is a Slack-connected emoji-reading bot that discovers playful connections between emotion and color.

A Day Of FOIA Data

Report from our Freedom of Information data hackday.

The Face Off

Tech Corps, Tenderloin & the Mayor

360 Video Field Kit

Our 360 video and audio kit, in the field.

Join BuzzFeed Open Lab!

We are no longer accepting applications for 2016-2017 fellows, but we'll be back next year.

Head-Mounted 360 Video

We designed a head-mount for our 360-degree camera pair and took it to a Super Bowl protest.


Technology, Inequality & The City

Making The Valley Fire Video

BuzzFeed’s 360-degree look at the aftermath of California’s Valley fire has been viewed more than 6 million times. Plenty of viewers have been asking how we made it.

Behind The Scenes At A Thanksgiving Nightmare

We revised our camera mount to shoot the 360-degree video SOYLENT: A Thanksgiving Nightmare and gained some unexpected insights on immersive experiences.

Tech, Class, And Bots

Reading and writing Market Street with social geo data.

Say Hello To Immersive Video News

The Open Lab's first video collaboration is live. And it is fantastic. Here's the story of how we made our first 360-degree video, a walk through the fire-ruined town of Middletown, California.

Welcome To The Open Lab

We are super thrilled to welcome our inaugural class of fellows to BuzzFeed's Open Lab for Journalism, Technology, and the Arts.

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