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OccuPeep D.C.

Power to the peeple! Here's the winner of The Washington Post's annual Peep Show Competition, in which 755 entrants submitted dioramas populated entirely by the mushy marshmallow Easter treats. We are the 99 Peepcent!

Michelle Obama's Birthday Restaurant Has Occupy-Themed Burger Menu

The Obamas are celebrating Michelle's birthday with friends at BLT Steak in Washington, DC this evening. The restaurant recently introduced "The 99%" burger (american cheese, wonder bread) and "The 1%" burger (foie gras, kobe beef and gold leaf).


"Nude Photo Revolutionary" Causes Outrage In Egypt [NSFW]

Aliaa Maghda El-Mahdy is a 20-year-old political activist from Cairo who has gained infamy in Egypt for posting the following nude photos as a feminist statement against radical Islamic oppression. Pot, consider yourself stirred.

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