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17 Gift Ideas For The Most Savage Scorpios In Your Life

Gird your loins, it's Scorpio season!

21 Cute 'N' Spooky Tattoos For Anyone Who Loves All Things Supernatural

Ghosts and cauldrons and tarot, OH MY!!!!!!!!

These Striking Portraits Show The Lives Of Witches In America Today

"The beautiful thing about witchcraft is the malleable, individualized nature of it."


Come On A Journey With Me To Achieve Enlightenment

You will leave this place a better person.


Hey Psychic Parents! What Do You Want People To Know About Raising Kids?

How does your intuition impact your parenting?

My Mother Raised Me To Believe In Numbers

Skeptics will tell you that numerology is New Age nonsense. But when my mother and I talk about numbers, we’re really making sense of our own lives.

Witches' Counsel: I'm Scared About Starting High School

A recurring ~magical~ advice column.


Which Badass Tarot Woman Are You?

Queen of Cups or High Priestess?

A Child And A 55-Year-Old Man Have Been Beheaded As Ritualistic Sacrifice In India

The headless bodies of Sanatan Bag, 5, and Thepa Kharia, 55, were found one after the other in Jharkhand and Assam. Both were killed by occultists.

19 Magic Spells You Can Buy On Etsy

Money, sex, and unimaginable happiness are just mere clicks away. (This post contains a picture of a butt.)

32 Etsy Finds For All Your Witchcraft Needs

Apparently Etsy caters to a large market of witches. Use this as a guide.

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