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Bill De Blasio Said Mike Bloomberg's Stop-And-Frisk Apology Is "Hard To Believe"

“He was wrong because he never listened, he didn’t even acknowledge the validity of concerns, again as part of his often haughty nature," de Blasio told BuzzFeed News.

Matt Berman 11 hours ago

The Subway Churro Vendor Handcuffed In A Viral Video Said Cops "Took Everything" From Her

The woman who was taken away in handcuffs for selling churros in a New York City subway station broke down in tears as she recalled the way police officers had treated her.

A Man Was Jailed For 20 Years Due To A Single Eyewitness — Who Now Wants To Recant

Antonio Mallet’s conviction rested on testimony from one eyewitness who, in a new court filing, now says NYPD detectives assaulted him and threatened to lock him up if he didn’t blame Mallet for the murder.

Opinion: The NYPD's Special Victims Unit Is Failing. Will Mayor De Blasio Take The Time To Fix It?

The NYPD's Special Victims Division frequently mishandles sexual assault cases. This systematic failure is a civil rights issue and a shame on New York City.

The NYPD Fired The Officer Who Killed Eric Garner With A Chokehold

"An officer's choices and actions, even made under extreme pressure, matter," the NYPD police commissioner said Monday.

The Biggest Police Department In The US Has A Suicide Crisis. Another Department Thinks They Have An Answer.

“With nine suicides, what you’re seeing is a system that’s broken.”

The NYPD Has Suspended The Officer Who Killed Eric Garner With A Chokehold

Officer Daniel Pantaleo placed Garner in a fatal chokehold five years ago. The move began a “lethal cascade” that led to Garner's death, officials have said.

YouTuber Etika Has Been Found Dead In New York After Posting A Video Expressing Suicidal Thoughts

New York police found Etika’s unresponsive body in the East River on Monday evening, less than a week after he was reported missing.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Has Been Charged With Groping A Woman At A New York Nightclub

The Jerry Maguire actor is in police custody after a woman accused him of grabbing her breast at a New York City nightclub.

Lawmakers Say The NYPD Commissioner Has Been MIA On Efforts To Make Police Discipline More Transparent

“Commissioner O’Neill has not reached out to my office in regard to any police transparency measures.”

Fifty Years Later, The NYPD Has Apologized For The Raid On Stonewall

“The actions taken by the NYPD were wrong, plain and simple,” NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said.

The Man Arrested With Gas Cans And Lighters At St. Patrick Cathedral Has Been Identified

A security officer inside the historic Midtown church confronted the man and quickly notified police.

Police Have Arrested A Man Filmed Kicking A 78-Year-Old Woman In The Face On The New York Subway

Extremely graphic video seen by millions of people on Twitter showed the man kicking the woman in the face twice, then in the body four more times.

A Woman In NYC Allegedly Attacked 7 People With Chemical Spray In What May Have Been A Hate Crime

While the NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incidents, a police spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the attacks have not yet been deemed a hate crime.

A Man Was Dragged To His Death By A Subway Train At NYC's Grand Central Station

The man died after his clothing or bag was reportedly caught on the train as it was leaving the station.

The NYC Council Criticized The NYPD For Not Disciplining Officers

Following a BuzzFeed News investigation that found officers who physically attacked innocent people and lied to grand juries got to keep their jobs, the city council is now considering new laws that would increase transparency.

The Rape Trial Of Two Ex-NYPD Cops Was Just Thrown Into Limbo

The attorney for Anna Chambers, the alleged victim, told BuzzFeed News that "nothing has changed in terms of what happened to Anna on that night.”

A Huge Review Of How The NYPD Disciplines Officers Is About To Be Completed And Could Be Made Public Soon

The review came after a BuzzFeed News investigation revealed the NYPD allowed about 300 employees to keep their jobs despite committing fireable offenses.

A Proposed Law Requires The NYPD To Examine A Way To Make The Disciplinary System More Consistent

The legislation follows a BuzzFeed News investigation that found the NYPD kept officers on the force after they committed fireable offenses, such as lying under oath and assaulting people in custody.

An NYPD Sex Crimes Detective Is Under Investigation For Sexually Assaulting A Fellow Officer

The officer has been placed on modified duty and an internal investigation is underway, multiple sources confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

The Woman Whose Son Was Yanked From Her Arms By New York Police Officers Won’t Face Charges

“The consequences this young and desperate mother has already suffered as a result of this arrest far outweigh any conduct that may have led to it.”

A Registered Nurse Told First Responders He Couldn’t Breathe. He Died After Waiting Almost 20 Minutes For a Second Ambulance.

“The system failed me,” Quam Ahmodu’s father told BuzzFeed News. Officials said they did nothing wrong.

A Hearing About The New City Investigations Commissioner Brings Scrutiny To NYPD Oversight

One council member made the nominee promise to read a previous BuzzFeed News investigation about NYPD officers not disciplined for lying or using excessive force.

The Former Top Official Overseeing The NYPD Inspector General Shelved A Report About Officers Who Lied

Mark Peters was until recently the head of the city's Department of Investigation. He said he was fired because he published damning reports about problems on the police force and other city agencies.

Alec Baldwin Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Punching Someone In New York City

The actor was charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly punching someone during a dispute over a parking spot in Manhattan.

This Bronx Cop Was Accused Of Lying Under Oath. The District Attorney Won't Say What It Means For The People He's Arrested.

Other public officials, advocates, and public defenders expressed outrage over the officer’s conduct.

The Cop Said He “Slipped.” The Video Shows Him Forcing An 11-Year-Old Girl To The Ground. He Wasn’t Punished.

Confidential department documents show that then–NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton shut down disciplinary proceedings. The officer has also shared Facebook posts that denigrate black people and Muslims.

Police Arrested Three More Proud Boys Members Following A Fight In New York

A total of five members of the far-right men’s group Proud Boys have been arrested for beating up leftist protesters.

Here’s How That Proud Boys Fight With “Anti-Fascist” Protesters Went Down

Videos and photos from the scene deconstruct the brawl, which led to criticism of the New York Police Department. Two Proud Boys members were recently arrested for the violent confrontation.

The NYPD Plans To Charge At Least Nine Proud Boys And Three Leftist Protesters With Riot And Assault

The announcement comes after police were heavily criticized over the weekend for their response to the riots in New York City's streets.

Four Years Ago The NYPD Killed My Son. I’m Still Waiting For Justice.

At any point, Mayor Bill de Blasio could have held the police accountable for my son’s death. He’s chosen not to.

Cardi B Has Been Charged With Assault For Her Alleged Part In A Strip Club Brawl

Cardi B turned herself in to the 109th Precinct in Queens earlier on Monday morning.

Two NYPD Officers Busted For Gambling And Prostitution Have A History Of Misconduct, Records Show

Two of the seven officers arrested Wednesday have been docked vacation days in the past after allegations of serious misconduct, secret files exclusively revealed by BuzzFeed News show.

Former CDC Director Tom Frieden Was Arrested For Sex Abuse

He’s accused of squeezing a woman’s butt in his apartment.

The NYPD Officer Who Shot A Man In The Face Has Been Fired

Sgt. Ritchard Blake has been fired from the NYPD and is under investigation for possible criminal charges over the shooting.

The NYPD Cop Who Shot A Man In The Face Has A History Of Aggression, Police Records Show

Sgt. Ritchard Blake was disciplined in 2011 for engaging “in a physical altercation,” according to secret disciplinary records previously published by BuzzFeed News.

Sex Between Federal Agents And Detainees Would Be Banned Under Proposed Law

The proposal, which lawmakers drafted following a BuzzFeed News story on the subject, also seeks to increase funding for states that adopt similar laws.

A Cop Involved In Eric Garner's Death Is Facing His First Disciplinary Charges — 4 Years Later

Officer Daniel Pantaleo was filmed in July 2014 using a chokehold to subdue Garner after he was stopped for selling untaxed cigarettes.

Cynthia Nixon Condemns The Punishment Of An NYPD Officer Who Reported Sexual Harassment

“No woman should be treated that way in the workplace, let alone one who is willing to risk their life to serve and protect our city.”

NYC Officials Speak Out About The Cop Who Was Punished After Reporting Sexual Harassment

“This pattern of alleged sexual harassment and victim shaming within the NYPD is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

This NYPD Officer Reported Sexual Harassment. Then She Was Forced Into Rehab.

“I wanted the world to know what was going on inside the police department.”

The NYPD Announces An Independent Panel Will Review Its Disciplinary Program

BuzzFeed News found in March that the NYPD allowed officers to keep their jobs following serious acts of misconduct.

The NYPD’s Plan To Release Anonymous Disciplinary Records Is Still On Hold

After a BuzzFeed News investigation, the NYPD said it would release limited information about police officer discipline. The union has so far blocked that from happening.

Harvey Weinstein Pleads Not Guilty To Rape And Other Sex Crime Charges

He was arraigned in a lower Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty to rape and other sex crime charges.

The District Attorney Says The NYPD Isn’t Telling Prosecutors Which Cops Have A History Of Lying

“These limitations frustrate our ability, not only to prepare for trial, but to make early assessments of witness credibility.”

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