norway after the bomb

  • Beautiful Time-Lapse Footage Of Norway

    This is gorgeous. Since 22nd of July 2011 most of the articles about Norway have been about the terrible terrorism attack that took place at Oslo and Utoya. This video shows a quite different picture of Norway, the beautiful Hardanger Fjord in the Western part of the country. Take the time to honor the victims and the next of kin, and remember that Norway is still a strong (perhaps even stronger than before) democratic country, and that fact will never change. Watch Video ›

  • Norwegian Woman Survives Bombing With Giant Splinter

    Senior advisor at the Ministry of Justice Line Nersnæs was injured by a 10-inch splinter buried in her head during Friday’s bombing. Wednesday she was back in her office working on next year’s budget, having received 27 stitches. If you want to know a little bit about how good can overcome evil, what she’s woring on is a plan of action to combat domestic violence. Think about that for a bit. Full story (in Norwegian) here. View List ›

  • 24 Pictures From The Norwegian Mass Rally

    Over 100,000 Norwegians braved the rain Monday evening to show their disgust for the recent acts of terror, and their sympathy for the victims. The rose is the logo of the Labour Party, whose youth movement’s summer camp was the target of the killings. Mostly though, it symbolises love’s ability to conquer hate. View List ›