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6 Of Your Most Cringeworthy Questions, Answered By Science

We asked for the science questions you didn’t want your name attached to, and now we’re answering them. This time: shrinkage, fishy vaginas, cannibalism, and more!


CNN's Howard Kurtz Likes "Looking At Women As Much As The Next Red-Blooded Guy"

The looks on the faces of Maureen O'Connor and Lola Ogunnaike in a segment about Grammy side-boobs makes watching this week's Reliable Sources in its entirety worth the effort.

Nipples At The Met

Here's an online database of every nipple at the Met. You should definitely follow this Tumblr and stay abreast of all the new nipples being added to their ever-expanding collection.

What's A Nipple Chain? [NSFW]

Upon seeing the headline "Teen Caught with Nipple Chain Down His Pants", my inquisitive senses perked up. I kinda knew what it was, but I just had to make sure.

"Nude Photo Revolutionary" Causes Outrage In Egypt [NSFW]

Aliaa Maghda El-Mahdy is a 20-year-old political activist from Cairo who has gained infamy in Egypt for posting the following nude photos as a feminist statement against radical Islamic oppression. Pot, consider yourself stirred.

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