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Wendi Deng, Rupert Murdoch's Pie-Blocking Tiger Wife

Following her fierce counter-attack to the shaving foam heard round the world, Wendi Deng has stepped out from behind husband Rupert Murdoch to become an international celebrity in her own right. Deng is 37 years Murdoch's junior and a former employee of the embattled mogul. Thanks to her pie-slapping skills, Deng has become a national hero in her native China, affectionately referred to as Tiger Woman. Here are a bunch of photos of Ms. Deng-Murdoch, plus video of her discussing Tiger Mother techniques with Charlie Rose.


Rebekah Brooks's Husband Tried To Throw Away A Computer, A Phone And "Paperwork"

So in continuing with the totally non-shady things happening around the News Of The World hacking case, it turns out a bag containing a computer, phone and "paperwork" from the Brooks home was found in the garbage of a nearby parking facility. Charlie, Rebekah's husband, contends this is all a misunderstanding, but his story is less than compelling...

Rupert Murdoch Apologizes

Rupert Murdoch took out full page ads in all of Britain's major newspapers today to apologize for the phone hacking scandal which is threatening to bring down his media empire. Initial reaction falls squarely under "too little, too late."

Rebekah Brooks' Next Move

Having recently resigned as chief executive of scandal-ridden News International, where will Rebekah Brooks go next?

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