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The Most Horribly Awesome Horror Movies On Netflix

It's October, which means it's time for horror movies. These are the weirdest, most horrifying ones we could find on Netflix.

The Most Screwed Up Romantic Movies On Netflix

Love goes wrong in a lot of ways, whether in post-war Britain, in '50s America or in a strange Canadian dreamworld. This week's Netflix Video Clerk.

The Manliest Manly Men Movie On Netflix

An early team-up for two of cinema's manliest actors. Plus, depression... European style!

The Best Movie On Netflix About Zombie Chickens

Plus a Jackie Chan flick you've never heard of before.

The Absolute Strangest Clint Eastwood Movie On Netflix

Clint Eastwood in something almost as off the wall as that empty chair.

The Best Movies You've Never Heard Of On Netflix

The NYC-set Premium Rush is picking up solid reviews, but what if you want to see a side of the city that no longer exists? Plus 90 minutes of an angry guy literally punching holes through people.

The Weirdest Movies To Watch On Netflix Instead Of "The Expendables 2"

You could brave the last gasps of summer misery to see The Expendables 2, or you could watch a ridiculously fun action flick with an Expendables cast member. Plus: engaging Greek weirdness and a terrifically dour animated gem.

The Most Killer Movies To Watch On Netflix After "The Bourne Legacy"

If Bourne Legacy wasn't quite enough for you, we've got a killer, action-packed espionage caper for you. Also: Angie Dickinson with a Tommy gun and girls in a British prison.

The Most Insane Sci-Fi Movies On Netflix

Brain-frying sci-fi and fantasy films to occupy your time if you don't feel like braving the heat just to see Colin Farrell pretend he's Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Best Movies From "The Dark Knight Rises" Cast On Netflix

Here are some lesser-known films featuring Dark Knight Rises personnel that would be worth your time from the comfort of your own home.

The Most Super Awesome Summer Movies You've Never Heard Of On Netflix

Looking for ways to indulge your summer jones without actually leaving the house? Here's a couple films that'll keep you in the spirit of the season.

The Most Awesome Asian Action Flicks On Netflix

The New York Asian Film Festival is in full swing this week. If you aren't able to make it over there, though, there's plenty of options from Netflix to salve the pain.

The Most Awesomely American Movies On Netflix For Fourth Of July

Feeling a little less than patriotic this Fourth of July? These films should get you back into the spirit and put the pop back in your fireworks.

The Crazy Netflix Movies You Should Watch Instead Of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"

If Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter doesn't whet your appetite for history-based horror, we've got a bloodsucker Western with a familiar name. Plus: Paul Rudd pre-bromance and a head-spinning Japanese thriller.

The Netflix Movies You Should See Instead Of "Rock Of Ages"

You could watch Tom Cruise flounce about as a fake rock and roll star in Rock of Ages this week. Or you could watch some real rockers roll through circumstances that would send him home weeping.

The One Movie You Should Watch On Netflix Before "Prometheus"

You could get ready for Prometheus by watching Ridley Scott's original Alien. Or you could watch star Michael Fassbender be a total badass Roman centurion instead.

The Most Amazing Flicks About Aliens You've Never Seen

Between "Battleship," "Men in Black III" and the upcoming "Prometheus," movies with aliens are hot this summer. But none of them feature Ron Jeremy's penis as a villain, do they?

How To Have A Crazy Cannes Film Festival In Your House With Netflix

You probably couldn't make it to Cannes. Not to worry! These films from Cannes directors on Netflix are crazier than anything they're showing in France.

What To Watch On Netflix Now: Vampires!

The best Netflix movies to get ready for the release of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows. Which means: Vampires! Vincent Price! Creepy castles! Weird sex! Demons!

The Best Movie On Netflix With Jeff Bridges In A Bowler Hat

True Grit was not Jeff Bridges' first grim Western. Plus: A movie where an entire room full of porn-watching mobsters are blown up with a grenade launcher. (Yes!)

The Most Insane Foreign Action Flicks On Netflix

You've probably never seen action flicks this crazy before.

The Best Undiscovered Netflix Movies For 4/20

A movie about, uh, leaves, and the late great Dick Clark in the kind of role you can't imagine him playing. Plus, topless zombies.

The Best Netflix Movies You've Never Heard Of Starring Women

You probably won't believe how weird and trashy Martin Scorsese's second flick is.

The Craziest Movie We Could Find On Netflix

Maybe the craziest Netflix streaming movie we've found yet: In which a topless chick shoots lasers in space at an evil Indian dwarf. Plus two more gems scrounged from the Netflix dumpster.

The Best Hidden Netflix Movies About Dudes With Guns And Ghost Pimps

The craziest movies we could find on Netflix this week: Burt Reynolds as a revenge-fueled Injun, a murdered ghost pimp possessing mild-mannered folks and a wild gangster flick set in the unlikeliest of locales.

Buried Netflix Treasures About Dudes In Peril

There are literally tens of thousands of things to watch on Netflix. Most of them not very good! If only there was a human video clerk, like the olden days, to help you find the most awesome, most obscure films on Netflix streaming video. Say hello to the Netflix Video Clerk.

The Undiscovered Gems Of Netflix Streaming

There are literally tens of thousands of things to watch on Netflix. Most of them not very good! If only there was a human video clerk, like the olden days, to help you find the most awesome, most obscure films on Netflix streaming video. Say hello to the Netflix Video Clerk.

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