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Natural Hair

What do we want? GREAT HAIR. How do we want it? At a cheap price! When do we want it? NOW.

Singer Kelly Rowland posted a photo of her natural hair without any weave or extensions, and it's perfection!

How my hair journey led me to redefine the beauty of my Latinidad.

The year is 2023. My bantu knots are still wet.

Love your curls and pamper them with these products.

This black-owned brand believes in ethical sourcing AND poppin' curls.

You'll have to do a double take.

Sanaa Lathan returns to romantic comedies in Netflix’s Nappily Ever After, except this time it’s all about loving herself. Warning: spoilers ahead.

A recent photo of Tyra Banks without her signature long, blonde lace front shows off the celeb's natural hair.

"Lemme get that Amber Rose." —me to my stylist

Every day is a great hair day with these ladies ✨

Right, so I think I'm low porosity.


Bottle blonde or born with it?

Singer Halsey showed what her real hair looks like after a year of wearing wigs.


How many different types of Eco Styler do you own?

"I don't need anymore hair inspo," said no one EVER!!!

Stylish and affordable? Yes, Kerry!

If you need loc hairstyle inspiration, here are a few of our favorite styles!


Summer is almost here!

"I can't use this watered down white people shampoo."

"‘Did you cut your hair?’ Girl naw, this shrinkage."

Versuchen, mit neuen Braids oder neuer Weave zu schlafen.

I'm trying to grow my hair out. HOW DARE Y'ALL!!!


Get ready for some major hair inspo *screenshots everything*

Curly pixie cuts are the way, the truth, and the life.

Nothing about natural hair is monolithic.

Unlaid and unbothered.

"Make sure your hair is COMPLETELY dry before you take out your braids or bantu knots."

Carefree curls for DAYS.

Four women, four different curl patterns.

Our hair is integral to our conceptions of beauty, and often tell a story of how we became the way we are.

"I want Indi to understand her heritage and relate to me. I want her to feel beautiful in her own skin."

Baroque, but make it black.

The gentler you are with your curly hair, the better results you'll get.

"For those who touch our hair, this is a moment for your ass to learn that this is not cool."

It's like if Black Jesus's holy water, Beyoncé's sweat, and aloe vera from Oprah's garden were all mixed in a spray bottle and misted throughout our hair.

Find out how things like co-washing your hair, oiling your scalp, and using warm water are really affecting your coils.

"I love the fact that my hair can be intimidating at times."

Still look prettyyy! *Kimbella voice*

"We all know if you tried that on a white model you'd be #canceled."

"They look pretty dope."

Get your Ph.D in poppin' curls and coils!!!

So much slayage by Taraji, Issa, SZA, and more!

"My hair is supposed to look like what I want it to look like, and this is it!"

It doesn't matter if you have kinks, coils, or curls, there's a product here for you, boo!

Come thru, curls!

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