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There is no such thing as too much colour.

Florals for January is pretty groundbreaking tbh.

It's really hard to kick a nail biting or nail picking habit, but things like acrylic nails and fidget toys can help.

If I'm about to spend my money getting these nails done, the world is going to see them.

What's your go-to nail look?


You're at the nail salon, waiting for your manicure to dry. You're bored. You find this quiz. Do you dare???

Parmesan cheese and Kylie Jenner should never be on nails.

People are calling it a cruel stunt.


Time to hit the salon and find out some wholesome truths.

It's couture for your cuticles!

Maybe a bit of all of them?


Show off those nails!

Molar nails!

Parents also use it to keep kids from sucking their thumbs!


Weird, adventurous, and kinda romantic — just like your married life!

I'd feel pretty glam picking my nose with these boys. Just sayin'.


Spring has sprung!

Now that's some nail ~art~.


Chip away at this quiz!

"When Tasha did it 'omg so ghetto, absolutely no class,' but Becky does it and it’s a manicure sculpture."

'Tis the season for festive trends.


"Hair done, nails done, everything did."


Let's get our nails done!

Stop, don't pop.


Get 'cha nails done.


We'll nail your perfect city.

Do NOT read on lunch.

Ditch those pastels for something a little ~spookier~


Your nails are one thing you don't have to be clueless about.


If the color fits, wear it.


We've all been there, ladies.

"If you a fly gal, get your nails done."

"Saving your used dishes in the fridge for later... genius."

Is it quality or is it all about packaging?

Behold the beauty.

Whose nails were life proof?

*black heart emoji*

They rock!


Sometimes it's hard to choose.

For a long time, I didn’t want to be “my mother’s daughter.” But it turns out that, at least when it comes to getting our nails done, I am.


Praying for Lip.


They're ~whimsical~, fun, and oh so chic!

They don't call it a MAN-icure for nothing.

"Change takes time."

Heaven is a place on earth.

The Try Guys try geode lips, knife eyeliner, and fur nails in an effort to distract themselves from the clusterfuck that was 2016.

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