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Tell Us Your Disney Channel Original Movie Choices And We'll Tell You Which Music Festival To Attend

Your nostalgia about Disney Channel Original Movies can actually reveal the music fest you'd enjoy most!

Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival And More Are Pushing For Pill Testing

Reps from Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival, and Laneway have called on governments to ditch the "out of touch" approach to drugs at music festivals.

"There’s Literally A Queue": Experts Talk About The Evidence On Pill Testing

New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian said she'll consider pill testing trials at music festivals if she sees evidence it saves lives. Here's why it's more complicated than that.

What Food Is Popular At Music Festivals In Your Country?

Whatever it is, it's probably delicious.


21 Carefree And Bohemian Things To Do Even If You're Not At A Festival

Find a vat of glitter and just swim in it. The glitter will remain in your crevices for years to come, but so will the memories.

19 Things Everyone Should Do Before They Turn 30

Get these done before you're thirty, flirty, and thriving!

78 People Worth Using A Port A Potty Over

*To the tune of Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This"* One can dream of a line-up like this.

19 Truths About Going To Raves No One Warns You About

"Damn, I'm loving this $13 beer," said no one ever.

The Ultimate Guide To UK Festival Season, By Clara Amfo

Everything you need to know, from what to pack to the best festivals and survival guide essentials.

The Fyre Festival Fiasco Shows How Insane The Festival Market Has Become

"You always have to be upping your game because the competition is so fierce."

29 Useful AF Products To Help You Survive A Music Festival

Everything you need for your journey to the main stage.

We Need To Talk About How Concerts Are Actually Terrible

The music sounds just as good if we all sit quietly.

This Is How Much Music Festivals Have Changed Since 1969

Slightly NSFW — because the best music festivals always are.

19 Things That Make Summer Events Less Of A Sweaty Suckfest

Because boob sweat, chafed thighs, and dead phones are very real.


We Know Which Australian Act You Should See At Splendour In The Grass

Tbh this quiz is so accurate you were probably planning to see them anyway.

Will You Fall In Love Or Mud This Splendour?

Bring on Splendour In The Grass 2016.

22 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Music Festival Worker

Please stop throwing cups of piss at our head.


Who Are You In This Crowd?

There is surprising range of humanity in this GIF from the 2014 Pitchfork Music Festival.

18 Festival Foods You Must Eat Before You Die

Long gone are the days of grimy burger vans and surviving on cereal bars.


10 Useless Coachella Tips From Two Ladies Who've Never Been

Fill your slacks with marijuana because it's time to party.

This Was The Most Heartwarming Moment Of A Music Festival In Montreal

"One of the most beautiful moments of the weekend."

Funny Or Die Brought A Bunch Of Old People To Bonnaroo And It's The Best

"Our children and grandchildren are so impressed."

The Vegas Crowd Is Getting Younger, Thanks To Music Festivals

In 2010, about 10% of visitors to Las Vegas were in their twenties, a number that rose to 17% in 2014. Outdoor music festivals deserve much of the credit.


Which British Festival Should You Go To This Year?

It's April, which means you're in a slight panic because you have no titting clue what festival to go to this year. Let this be your guide.

Coachella And Lollapalooza Are The Latest Venues To Ban Selfie Sticks

You're gonna have to work for that perfect Instagram shot.

The 17 Worst People You Find At A Concert

A live gig! Music! Lights! Excitement! People! Oh, right... people.

25 Things You Smell At Every Music Festival

The definitive ranking, from OK to hideous nightmare.

10 Music Festivals Around The World That Will Make You Want To Travel

From San Francisco to Malawi, here are a few music festivals that'll be sure to unlock the traveler in you.


Ravers Dancing At A Music Festival Set To The Benny Hill Theme Will Change Your Life

Put on some headphones and watch the best 48 seconds on the internet.

22 Wonderfully Bizarre Things You Will Only See At The Pitchfork Festival

Vinyl records pressed on the spot, R. Kelly's white dove balloons, and other stuff that you're not going to find at Lollapalooza or Coachella this year.

13 Music Festival Horror Stories

The things we put up with in the name of a good time.

Gap's Partnerships With Music Festivals Like Bonnaroo Scoring With Millennials

The $6 billion flagship Gap brand is reconnecting with a new generation of customers, namely millennials, by joining them at music festivals from Bonnaroo to Lollapalooza.


Going To Glastonbury: Expectations Vs. Reality

It's the world's greatest music festival. But it can also suck, sometimes.

47 DIYs For The Cash-Strapped Music Festival-Goer

You already spent, like, a kajillion dollars on tickets, hotel, etc. Save money on a new outfit by updating what's already in your closet.

41 Clever Organizational Ideas For Your Child's Playroom

Teach your kids the importance of organization early on in their lives. They'll thank you later.

32 Reasons Why The S.S. Coachella Is Way Better Than Regular Coachella

Why would you want to fight your way through unshowered crowds when you could listen to music on the high seas?

53 Examples Of The Amazing Innovations In Rave Style

So long JNCO's, hello furry loin cloths and gender-neutral neon. At New York's Electric Zoo festival over the weekend, electronic dance music fans got fierce, to say the least.

56 Things I Learned At The Biggest Christian Music Festival In The World

100,000 Christians and I spent the weekend together at Mount Agape Farm in Western Pennsylvania for the 34th annual Creation Fest. Read this post and you can get a good idea about what that was like.

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