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A Man Has Been Taking Celeb-Inspired Photos Of His Movember Progress

Instagrammer Ben Judd has come up with a novel way of keeping the world updated on his mo'.


The T-Shirts Explain Everything

OK, so the t-shirts don't explain everything, but sometimes knowing what's not going on can be helpful. What is going on is that Movember is upon is! Which means that men are sporting upper lip sprouts to raise money for men's health and cancer awareness... and looking like creepy 70s porn star cops in the process.


Grow A Mustache For Cancer Awareness

Now that we've bid Octobeard farewell, it's time to look forward to the next big thing: Movember. This Google Chrome ad gives great visibility for a great cause.

Dirty Upper Lip

"Celebrating 'staches that are before their time," Dirty Upper Lip collects the barely-there mustaches of the prepubescent, pubescent and those of us who still can't quite fill out our upper lips.

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