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This motorcycle sisterhood is spreading the message of gender equality and women’s empowerment at 100 miles an hour.

The little pup was rescued by CHP and is now in the doghouse.

"Getting on the roads wasn't the biggest challenge, the challenge was ignoring the catcalls, the chases and the doubts from people."

The new feature of the Uber app will start off in Bengaluru.

Justice is sweet...and crunchy.

Watch out for toe ticklers!

BRB... Going to learn how to ride a motorbike.

'Cause I'm a motorcycle man.

The rest of us can only hope to one day find this much happiness.

Feast your eyes on these daring feats! Fire-eating, death-defying leaps, high-wire acts, and more.

Your dog is tired of being left at home.


Featuring people getting tattoos for the first time, a cat riding a Roomba in a shark costume, and a Corgi getting a massage.

Try to top that!

Japan wins the World Cup... of lookin' fresh to death.

A camera mounted on the helmet of a motorcycle driver in British Columbia captures a young black bear crossing Highway 7 moments before the driver collided with the animal, ejecting him from the vehicle. The driver received minor injuries and the bear simply walked away, according to law enforcement.

Ditch the air freshener for fresh air.

Bill Ray's photos of the members show a different side of the now infamous gang.

Fifteen nights in a palatial suite or 70 years in a run-down motel? A few bottles of bubbly or André for life? Would you splurge for a few of the best or settle for a lot of the bargain?

Plus life-changing sex advice from killer shark movies, the inside story of how J.K. Rowling's pseudonym got uncovered, and a very questionable new use for Red Bull.

Plus photos of Wookies doing people stuff, a motorcylist saving a coffee cup from certain death, and the return of "Princeton Mom."

Even though these photos — taken outside of Barney's in LA — look like a photo shoot, it's apparently just another regular day in Usher's life.

New Rule: for all 43rd birthdays you must post a picture of yourself in a speedo on a motorcycle.

Rock on, Mr. Biker.

Classic "guy on a motorcycle makes you swoon" kind of thing.

Welcome to Comic Con, my friends. Spotted outside the convention center in San Diego.

Even the gas tank is a wooden barrel. Aside from a small Fiat motor, virtually everything on the chopped chopper (boo) is fashioned from black locust wood. The kittens, however, are made of kitten.

This man is everything I have ever wanted to be.

Helmets are for squares and dweebs.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek interviewed top officials for their "How To" issue. "Sometimes—I don’t want to say scream at them—but you have to be...forceful," Emanuel says former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

Yes, you read that correctly. There's nothing more you need to know. Watch.

Wait for the 1:00 mark. The crash occurred at the Beto Carrero World theme park in south-east Brazil, but no worries -- the biker didn't even report a fracture!


His body does two full midair flips and is hurled more than 40 feet...but he's okay, folks! Recorded in Brazil.

Like it's the last tailgate of your life. You then proceed to get the girl and ride off into the sunset.

Hot Rides is a group of badass babes who like 'smoky, loud, fast, two-wheeled things' but were tired of riding bitch, so they bought their own bikes and hit the streets of California together. One of the founders says it's “about being in a group and having pack mentality, revving it up and riding motorcycles in high heels, doing something that is dangerous and dangerously fun, and sharing it with other talented ladies.” I think Sonny Barger would approve.

Wow. Entitled "The Town Musicians of Bremen" off of an old Grimm Brothers fairy tale, these russian rockers are taking requests at an outer belt near you.


Warning: Looking at Todd McLellan's photos of classic motorcycles may cause you to quit your job, buy a leather jacket, and ride across South America.

Welcome to Green Technology, program. Based on a thirty minute charge this hot piece of future tech can travel over 100 miles and reach speeds of up to 100mph.


What began as a high school science fair project has quickly turned into an international sensation.

It can be yours for $55k and it's licensed to be driven in the street.


A 4-year-old daughter of anarchy rocks some shades and hauls ass on a motorcycle in India. What adorable endangerment!

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