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Monica Lewinsky


How Websites Today Would Report The Monica Lewinsky Scandal

The media is talking about Monica Lewinsky today thanks to her piece in Vanity Fair. But here's a highly scientific look at how they would have reported the original story in 1998.

11 Funny and Weird '90s-Themed Valentine's Day Cards

Have no fear, Someecards has the perfect Valentine's Day card for that weird '90s kid in your life.


"MONICA AND BILL SEX TAPE SHOCKER" Actually Has Been Around For 15 Years...

The tabloid National Enquirer promised a bombshell seduction tape between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky all week. Unfortunately, the tape which was alleged to be new and got plenty of pick up by the mainstream press has actually been sitting in the C-SPAN archives for 15 years.

Monica Lewinsky Run Has Racers In Blue Dresses

A DC photographer documented the 3rd Annual Blue Dress Run, where runners channel their inner intern while wearing blue dresses inspired by Monica Lewinsky.

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