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Mental Health

Be good to yourself this week!

"There are two drunk men outside my window and all they're saying is 'NO, you're MY best friend in the whole world' back and forth."

"As a psychologist, to have looked your patients in the eye the day before and said ‘I am here to support you', and then to think ‘I will never see these people again’ is devastating."

"It’s definitely been more polarizing than I expected."

Staff at the international medical charity say the mental health of refugees and asylum-seekers sent to the island by Australia is "beyond desperate".

Dutton's silence was unexplained and "fell short" of how the government should act in lawsuits, a Federal Court justice said.

“Computers and smartphones and the internet are everywhere, so you can’t run from it for very long,” John, a technology addict in recovery, told me. For more on this story, watch the new BuzzFeed News series Follow This on Netflix.

Kander, who previously served in Afghanistan, had been seen as a possible Democratic contender for president in 2020.

Refugee children detained on a tiny Pacific island by the Australian government for years have lost all their hope – with catastrophic consequences for their health. BuzzFeed News met with families in Sweden to find out more about the strange "resignation syndrome".

Memoirs, fiction, YA — these books show what it's like when your brain seems to be working against you.

Researchers compared suicidal behavior across different trans identities, and the results are alarming.

When my brother was hospitalized for suicidal depression, I tried desperately to help him remember being happy — even though that never worked for me.

The new feature will connect Instagram users with information about free and confidential treatment options.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and BuzzFeed is committed to supporting the cause by spreading awareness, creating communities, and providing help to anyone struggling.

Suicide is complicated and often misunderstood. Here’s what you should know about it.

First, it's more common than you think.

"It doesn’t matter who you are – even if you’re a sexy R&B crooner or an ex-swimsuit model, you’re just tired!"

About 15% of the population is way more hypnotisable than everybody else.

A very important Twitter thread is shedding light on the everyday experiences of people living with invisible illnesses or disabilities.


"People always say, 'you’re young, you still have time for your future'. But they can never understand that those years can never be replaced."

It's more than just not wanting to get out of bed.

"I was just convinced that I was bipolar or really depressed."

New legal documents offer a rare look at the impact of Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy on the mental health of parents who lost their kids.

Für alle, die betroffen sind, betroffen waren oder einfach nur verstehen wollen, wie sich das alles anfühlt.

A number of children on Nauru are suffering from a rare psychological condition causing them to withdraw from the world.

“Too often children are on these drugs simply as a matter of chemical restraint,” a lawyer who filed the suit said.

When you’re having a bad moment/day/week, it will serve as a kind of “break glass in case of emergency” kit to help you feel a tiny bit better.

A more or less definitive guide to taking care of yourself.

It’s hard enough dealing with the suicide of a loved one, but for a lot of Muslim families, that’s just the beginning of the heartache.

"If you can change your mind, you can change your life."

This is a red flag for the Australian medical community.

Because we could all stand to just chill.

Showing up is at the core of creating and maintaining, strong meaningful bonds with friends, family, coworkers, and Internet pals. It’s what turns the people you know into your people.

New research suggests that self-injuries are prevalent among US teens, and that the rate for girls is twice as high as the rate for boys.

Every little thing counts.

A new scheme to improve universities' approach to mental health is funded by a private charity, but campaigners want more government action.

"'But you don't look depressed.' Yeah, sorry, I forgot to bring my literal dark cloud with me today."

The World Health Organization just added "gaming disorder" to the list of diagnosable mental health conditions. We asked a psychiatrist what that means for Fortnite fans.

These glittery jars are easy to make and can help you remember to take a moment for yourself to just breathe.

“This is an extremely high price for these children to pay who have done nothing wrong,” said a child health expert.

“What Anthony Bourdain did when he told everyone about his struggles with addiction and other mental health issues is make them feel that they could too.”

Suicide hotlines can provide free and confidential support 24/7. Here's what to expect when you make the call.

"I feel like I shouldn't even be talking about my own experience."

Fiction has long had a history of using mental illness as a plot device or symbolism, but some recent novels are depicting mental illness in refreshingly nuanced ways.

Self-care: Because you're worth it.

Those mental health forms for new moms at postpartum doctor’s visits? I thought they were for people with serious problems, not me.

“There’s much deeper problems within Clay that we didn’t get to see in Season 1,” Minnette told BuzzFeed News. (Warning: light spoilers ahead.)

When apocalyptic fears become too loud these days, I try to remember the summer I was 11 and I went to camp on Jane Fonda's ranch.

"I looked like Beyoncé kissed me when I woke up."

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