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Mayor Bloomberg

The Superhero Who Will Save Giant Sodas For Us All

So NYC Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban sugary sodas over 16oz? Better call in - dun dun da DA - Pepsiman! Actually.. wait... WTF is this?

Bloomberg Bans... Everything

First cigarettes, then trans fat and now large sugary drinks: Mayor Bloomberg is lodging a war against items deemed detrimental to the health of New Yorkers (and Americans alike). What will absurd things Bloomberg take on next? Add your own "Bloomberg ban stamp" to our collection of new restrictions.

15 Things NYC Can Buy With The Money They Saved From Having Almost No Snow This Winter

With a budget of $42.8 million and almost no snow this year, it makes me wonder, what are some things New York City could do with all that extra cash?

Mayor Bloomberg Answers Question About "El Bloombito" In Spanish

@ElBloombito is a very funny "Spanish" language twitter account that purports to be the Mayor of New York City. When asked about the account, Mayor Bloomberg showed off his own bilingual abilities.

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