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Matthew Mcconaughey

JoJo Siwa Isn't Here For The Haters

Plus, "Riverdale" and "The Wedding Planner" celebrated anniversaries, Twitter mourned Kobe and Gigi Bryant, and we went behind-the-scenes on "Bling Empire."

Movies To Be Really Excited About In 2019

From Captain Marvel to The Lion King, and Us to Pokémon Detective Pikachu, there are a lot of new films to be excited about this year. In chronological order!

Idris Elba Can't Seem To Catch A Damn Break

When you have Idris Elba playing some cowboy version of an Arthurian knight in The Dark Tower, why in the multiverse would you shift focus to an annoying kid?

Hollywood's Ill-Timed Woke White Men

They're dreamy and they fight oppression, but the heroes of The Legend of Tarzan and Free State of Jones are selling bleak history from the most comfortable point of view.

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