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Aeropostale Buys Up Twitter Ads To Tell Teens: "We've Changed"

The retailer is trying hard to convince teenagers it's a brand for their generation.

19 Supermarket Mind Games That Get You To Buy More Junk Food

Sure, that produce at the front of the store looks nice. They put it there so you'll buy the Cheetos two aisles down.

These Insane Sales Jingles Prove That Life Imitates Parody

Cat And Girl's comic is based on these 100% earnest company-written sales songs.

The Secret Ways That Advertising Works On You

Basically, we’re all brainwashed.

The Only Super Bowl Commercials Worth Watching

It wasn't a great night for Super Bowl ads, but here are the ones everyone will be talking about.

How Adidas Seeks To Make Teens Feel Famous And Cool

The brand's marketing incorporates the ideas that most American high schoolers believe they will be famous someday and that they use brands to build their identity.

A Japanese Burger Chain Made Face Masks So Women Can Eat Burgers Elegantly

The bizarre but effective tactic has sales to women up by 213%.

J.C. Penney's Identity Crisis In One Screenshot

Do a Google Image search for "J.C. Penney logo." The retailer says it's changing its logo again.

How Miracle-Gro Mastered Digital Marketing

The lawn care company has mastered the art of the marketing email and created innovative ways of connecting with customers. Digital marketing experts have taken notice.

The 14 Best-Dressed Couples Of All Time Lead The Daily Links

Plus the marketing genius of Miley Cyrus, the 16 best cooking instructions from 2 Chainz's new cookbook, and 20 X-Files fan-fiction crossovers for the ages.


26 Signs You Work In Social Media

"Ugh, Insights is down again."

16 Enraging Examples Of Cutesy Packaging

Why do companies these days insist on trying to be your friend, adopting that twee, faux-matey tone? Here are a few of the worst offenders.

Gap's Partnerships With Music Festivals Like Bonnaroo Scoring With Millennials

The $6 billion flagship Gap brand is reconnecting with a new generation of customers, namely millennials, by joining them at music festivals from Bonnaroo to Lollapalooza.

The Evolution Of Soft Drink Cans

How graphic design tastes have changed over the past 55 years.

11 Completely Absurd Vines From Oreo's Owl City Flashmob

It's the jingle that just won't die.

13 Things Companies Now Know About You

The corporate world is mining your life for juicy, personal details. Should you be paranoid? Read and decide.


Meet Flamy, The Terrifying Brazilian Burn Ward Mascot

"Chaminha," or "Flamy," is a Brazilian fire safety mascot that goes to elementary schools and hospitals and teaches children about the dangers of fire. He's also a little scary.

The Triumph Of Bud Light Platinum, Millennial Party Fuel

Tastes weird, more filling, sells like crazy.

Spotify Ads Are The Most Infuriating Thing In The Whole World

You'll be listening to the best part of a playlist and then that guy just shows up and ruins your hold vibe!

How Apple Marketing Can Sell You Anything

It's all about the pitch. Jony Ive could sell hair care products to Jony Ive.

Push To Add Genius Marketing

Belgium TV channel TNT recently used this action packed marketing exercise to promote the launch of its TV drama channel. They placed a giant red button in the middle of the square of a Flemish town, marked with a sign that said "push to add drama." Would you push the button?

How Do You Differentiate Your Brand Of Orange Juice?

By talking about gorillas on the label instead of the juice, that's how.

8 Of The Worst Ways To Sell Condoms

From overkill brand names to dubious displays to that old hand-crafted touch, here are some of the worst (or best) ways to market condoms.


The Insides Of An Instrument

The Berlin Philharmonic orchestra put together this sweet ad campaign featuring gorgeous macro photographs taken from the insides of classical instruments.


Diet Coke Releases Cans Designed Just For The Ladies

Because Dr. Pepper's "For Men Only" branded pop wasn't bad enough. Can't all soda be gender-neutral?


Harry Potter And The Multibillion-Dollar Empire (INFOGRAPHIC)

The July 15th release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 marks the end of the boy wizard's box-office saga which has conjured up nearly $6.4 billion, making it the highest-grossing franchise in box-office history. But with no new movies or books on the horizon, will his brand keep thriving? Fast Company and designer Mikey Burton crunched the numbers to see what the future will hold for Harry Potter and his multibillion-dollar empire.


Marketing Client Bear

Awesome new Tumblr devoted to a marketing savvy black bear. As soon as he's finished eating you, he's got a conference call about a big media buy. Much more over at Marketing Client Bear.

Inverted Pyramid Coke Display

Some clever marketing from Coca Cola. Inverted pyramid displays of Coke Zero at supermarkets to show that the impossible can happen. Apparently there was a 13 percent sales increase at some stores due to this display. Well played, Coke. [Jack's note: Unfortunately, Coke Zero still tastes like vomit.]


My Butt Is Big And That's Okay!

My butt is big and round like the letter “C”. Believe it or not, this is the new ad campaign Nike has released for their butt-toning sneakers, and it's rather excellent.

I'm Confused: Is It Truck Month?

The automotive industry’s marketing gets a little repetitive and convoluted at times. Don't miss out on truck month.

Skateboarding With a Hot Pocket

A strangely awesome video of a Hot Pocket doing skateboarding tricks appeared on (and in my dreams) this week.

Underwear Models Eating McDonald's [NSFW]

Half-naked male models scarfing down Big Macs and shakes in public, in their underwear.

Pee On Gene Simmons

There are electronic talking Gene Simmons pee cakes in the urinals around New York City.

Betty White Vs. Ryan Reynolds

Betty White (and Sandra Bullock) dress down Ryan Reynolds in this "behind-the-scenes" video that, by the looks of the trailer, is a lot funnier than their upcoming flick, The Proposal. And, for the record, we'd also like to dress down Ryan Reynolds, but less so in shattering his ego and more so in removing his underpants.

Oprah Gives Away Free KFC

I'm not quite sure what kind of message this is supposed to send, but free food is free food. Courtesy of Oprah (and the marketers at KFC), Kentucky Fried Chicken is giving away full meals -- which include 2 pieces of griled chicken, 2 sides & a biscuit -- for the price of nothing!

Evil Movie Megacorporation Rebranding

Just because they're evil and fictional doesn't mean they don't occasionally need to recalibrate their brand identities just like the rest of us. Fortunately, designer Mitch Ansara has done some fantastic spec work for these companies that could go a long way towards rehabilitating their struggling brands, starting with Terminator's Cyberdyne.


SCI FI Channel To Change Name

Beginning in July, The SCI FI channel will become the SYFY channel, and have a new tagline, "Imagine Greater". The change is being made after 16 years, and the new name is intended to give the cable channel a broader programming appeal.

Worst Promotional Video Ever

This video was made by Israeli arms dealer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. It features sari-clad babes dancing around flower-draped missiles as they sing a metaphorical love song about strengthening Indo-Israeli defense ties.

Human Fleas

An aerial shot for an an ad shilling flea and tick protection turns passersby into the bad guys.

"The Biggest Collection Of Boobs Ever"

This Wonderbra billboard is comprised of thousands of smaller pictures of regular women in their bras.

Mars Partners With Dunkin' Donuts

Mars has partnered with Dunkin' Donuts to create the M&M's Donut and the Milky Way Hot Chocolate.

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