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Spanish-speaking sellers have become Avon’s not-so-secret weapon as the beauty sales empire works to reinvent itself in the US. But is the company doing enough to support them?

Hab keinen Hunger mehr, danke.

Copyrighted trial exams, abusive Facebook posts, fake Google reviews ... and a court case.

Millionen Deutsche folgen Facebook-Seiten wie „Unnützes Wissen“ oder „Kinder der 90er“. Die nutzt Ströer, um Inhalte von Bild, Bunte oder Bento zu verbreiten.

Life, uh, finds a way.

Erst 'nen Testosteron-Salat und dann einen Bro-nut bitte!

Was this poster about a guy who made a sculpture of his girlfriend out of Soylent for real?


Take notes, future CMOs.

But that's none of my business. *sip*

A partir de ahora irás al supermercado con un gorrito de papel albal.

Sie haben geholfen, Trump zum Präsidenten zu machen. Sie haben den Brexit befeuert. Jetzt spielen sie auch im deutschen Wahlkampf eine Rolle: sogenannte "Dark Ads". BuzzFeed News macht diese dunklen Anzeigen nun transparent.

Wir wollen Dark Ads im deutschen Wahlkampf aufspüren und analysieren. Dafür brauchen wir eure Hilfe – auf Facebook.


Stereotypes of lesbians as frumpy shut-ins who don't care about nightlife or fashion hurts media outlets aimed at queer women, which rely on ad revenue to survive.

Ne vous fiez jamais à l'emballage.

Break those boundaries! ✨

"Some things are above parody."

I'm not crying. You are.

L'enseigne proposait ce vendredi aux Parisiens de venir récupérer un «kit de dresseur de Pokémon» en série limitée.

What happens behind the picture-perfect image, and is it actually attainable for women? For the first time, men will be subjected to the same amount of scrutiny when the Try Guys re-create famously photoshopped pictures of female celebrities.

Four regular guys re-create famous photos of male celebrities and are photoshopped with their ideal body types.

"There is nothing wrong with a woman aging."

The brand credits its #AerieReal campaign for its 20% sales jump last year.

Trop triste.

H2 nope.

What a time to be alive.

Gun sales reached historic highs in recent years. To keep them there, the industry needs more new shooters, and ones who buy guns the way fashionistas buy clothes.

We judge you by your font choice.

The retailer is overhauling its stores, and a big part of that is changing the way its associates view themselves.

A source has told BuzzFeed News that "Natalie Amyot" isn't all she claims to be.


C'est bien connu, le sex(isme)e fait vendre.

Es ist nicht nur Werbung.

It's like a bunch of advertising execs had a meeting and said, “What if you could fuck everything?"

The payments company is using transaction data to help merchants build targeted email campaigns.

The fast-food giant's sales are in a slump, and its brand has become a target for everyone from health campaigners to labor organizers. In a bid to turn things around, the company will launch a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign tomorrow.

Because sex sells. At least, that's the theory.

The lucky reader will have 24-hours to finish the book before it explodes. Don't worry, there's also a free ebook version.

An exclusive look at how the viral YouTube video tricked the world. BuzzFeed News' Ryan Broderick talks to Stephen Zhang.

After more than 20 years of declining sales, Anheuser-Busch thinks the way to revive the Budweiser brand is by marketing and advertising exclusively to 20-somethings with less Clydesdales and more Jay-Z. Will it work?

Gap's soon-to-be CEO acknowledged the campaign is a "work in process," but the company is "really excited about elements of it."

The Twitter illuminati that made "Alex From Target" an overnight sensation can drive millions of clicks with a simple retweet.

If picking a wine based on the label is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Pour une campagne promo un poil dérangeante.

If you allow people to make up their own funny names, you're asking for trouble.

Weekends = Working from home.

Let's be honest, it's the most important bit of advertising.

The retailer is trying hard to convince teenagers it's a brand for their generation.

This has to be one of the weirdest publicity stunts ever.

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