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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

More Plane Debris Found On La Réunion, Malaysian Transport Minister Says

Liow Tiong Lai said a window and aluminum foil had been collected on the French territory, but could not confirm it was from Flight MH370.

Vanished Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Officially Declared An "Accident"

The designation, made by Malaysia's Civil Aviation Authority on Thursday Jan. 29, ends the search for survivors and assumes that all 239 people on board are dead. It also begins the process of fulfilling compensation claims to family.

Electronic Singals Detected In Indian Ocean While Searching For Flight 370

A "signal pulse" detected in the Indian Ocean is consistent with those of an aircraft black box, but it is not confirmed as belonging to missing jet.

Jon Stewart Covers The Malaysian Airlines Coverage Leads The Daily Links

Plus Adam Scott steps into his "Step Brothers" character to bro down for a bit, a vet weighs in on when you should worry about your kitty's cough, and an insane supercut of pop-culture references from "The Office."


"The Daily Show" Perfectly Captures The Media's Terrible Flight 370 Coverage

Jon Stewart poked fun at cable news coverage of Flight 370 on Monday night's show.

CNN May Never Stop Covering Flight MH370

The Malaysian government announced Monday that the plane crashed in the southern Indian Ocean.


Every Popular Theory You've Heard About Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 And Why They're Probably Wrong

Just because they sound good doesn't mean they are remotely close to being accurate or helpful.

The Latest In The Search For Still-Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

More than a week after a plane carrying 239 people disappeared, officials are focusing on the pilots and crew. Here's the latest as of 11:30 a.m. ET Tuesday.

CNN And WSJ Show Everyone How To Turn Off A Boeing 777's Transponder

"You would never turn it off in flight. But if you had to, if you wanted to, here's how you do it."

No Sign Of Missing Malaysian Plane After Intense Search Off Australia

Updated: A two-day search of a remote area in the Indian Ocean has turned up empty-handed.

Officials Identify Passengers Traveling On Missing Jet With Stolen Passports

The men are Iranians with no apparent links to terrorist groups, officials said Tuesday. The search for a missing Malaysia Airlines flight continues.


Everything We Know About The Still-Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

The searchfor a plane carrying 239 people that vanished last Saturday morning expanded westward. “The information we have forces us to look further and further afield,” Malaysia’s Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said on Friday.

Vanished Malaysia Airlines Plane Still Missing, No Confirmed Sign Of Wreckage

UPDATED: A Boeing 777 traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing has disappeared. At least two men traveling on the plane are believed to have been using stolen passports.

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