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16 True Crime Stories And Legal Dramas That Shocked Us In 2018

The true crime features and other gripping stories that shocked us in 2018.

Der Rechtsfluencer

Der 24-jährige Immobilienkaufmann Henryk Stöckl ist einer der auffälligsten rechten Meinungsmacher in Deutschland. Auf Facebook und YouTube verbreitet er falsche Behauptungen und manipuliert Hunderttausende Menschen.

Uma carta aberta ao menino que me salvou da homofobia na escola sem saber

"Eu lembrei do menino no armário, que controlava sua voz e seus trejeitos num esforço diário e insuportável para SER HOMEM."

Meet The Brothers Who Built A Cooking Empire While Inspiring Young People To Do Good

“The legacy of Caribbean food is not forgotten. Shaun and I want to make sure the authenticity of it isn't forgotten, because it often gets lost,” Craig McAnuff told BuzzFeed News.

Vouloir ne pas être seule à suivre le «régime grossesse» n’a rien de castrateur

Cette envie de solidarité conjugale, loin d’être aberrante et d'être «castratrice», révèle la singularité de la grossesse ainsi que son traitement dans notre société contemporaine.

How White Canadians Made Me Ashamed Of Myself

I used to think Canada was just Anishinaabe and white.





Les enfants oubliés de Calais

Cela fait six mois que la «jungle» de Calais a été démantelée, mais de nombreux réfugiés sont encore sur place. Parmi eux, un grand nombre de mineurs isolés.

Dans les coulisses du Royal Ballet de Londres avec une danseuse étoile

Les danseuses classiques fascinent. Avec leurs costumes aériens sur leurs corps affinés par des années de travail acharné. Nous nous sommes mis dans la peau de Marianela Núñez, danseuse étoile au Royal Ballet à Londres, pour avoir un aperçu de son monde.

L’histoire oubliée des «radium girls», dont la mort a sauvé la vie à des milliers d’ouvrières

Pendant la Première Guerre mondiale, des centaines de jeunes femmes ont été employées dans des usines horlogères pour peindre au radium des cadrans phosphorescents. Ces ouvrières qui brillaient littéralement dans le noir allaient souffrir de très graves effets secondaires. Leur calvaire marque le début d'une course contre la montre judiciaire et leur mort changera à jamais la vie des travailleurs américains.

La historia olvidada de las chicas del radio, cuyas muertes salvaron miles de vidas

Durante la Primera Guerra Mundial, cientos de mujeres jóvenes entraron a trabajar en las fábricas de relojes, pintando las esferas de los relojes con pintura luminosa de radio. Pero después de que las chicas (que literalmente brillaban en la oscuridad al finalizar sus turnos) comenzaran a experimentar terribles efectos secundarios, iniciaron una carrera contrarreloj en busca de justicia que cambiaría para siempre las leyes laborales de los Estados Unidos.

This Is What It's Actually Like To Grow Up On A Scottish Island

The freedom I had as a child gives my memories the filter of a fairy tale.

This Woman's Horrific Domestic Abuse Story Shows How the System Lets Victims Fall Through the Cracks

Britain has just agreed to ratify the Istanbul Convention to tackle domestic violence. The big test now is whether Theresa May delivers on her promise to introduce new laws to help women.





L'intox a 1,6 milliard de dollars qui voulait faire tomber Trump

Un hoax sophistiqué basé sur des documents crée de toutes pièces donne une nouvelle dimension au phénomène des «fake news» et révèle qu’à gauche, de plus en plus de gens sont prêts à croire n'importe quelle allégation à partir du moment où elle nuit à Donald Trump.

J'étais enceinte, et puis je ne l'étais plus

Perdre un être que je n'avais jamais rencontré s'est avéré bien plus épouvantable que je ne l'aurais imaginé.

I Manage My Anxiety Through The Routine Of Recipes

In times of stress or mental exhaustion, I recover through the ritual of cooking.

I'm Still Not Sure How I Lost My Best Friend

Fifteen years after we met, and two years after we stopped speaking, I’m still not quite over the friend breakup that broke my heart.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie On Fiction, Feminism, And "Half Of A Yellow Sun"

On the 10th anniversary of Half of a Yellow Sun, the Nigerian author talks about the impact of her work.

This Land Is Our Land, Donald Trump

The only thing that has ever made America great is extending life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to all who call it home.

What It's Like To Write About Your Best Friend's Death

The first thing I ever wrote about my best friend was her eulogy.

68 Women Writers Gay Talese Should Read

The godfather of narrative nonfiction said this weekend he didn't know any women worth reading. Here are some suggestions.

I Don't Want My Grandmother To See Me Seeing Her Get Old

Neither of us has to speak for her to say "I'm tired" and for me to say "I'm scared."

Uzo Aduba On Why We Need More Characters Like Crazy Eyes

"You don’t come across a lot of plays that are passing the Bechdel test."

Meet "The Fedora Guy," One Of The Internet's Most Famous Memes

BuzzFeed News spoke to Jerry Messing, the actor turned meme whose poor attempt at paying homage to The Blues Brothers made him one of the most widely recognised memes on the internet.

How A Decade Of Sobriety Finally Taught Me To Drink

It’s not about needing to drink. It’s about having the option.

How To Get Your Green Card In America

Until last year, I was one of 4.3 million people at the mercy of the legal immigration system, waiting for the chance to stay in the U.S. for good.

I Read The Literal Textbook On Memes And Here's What I Learnt

There's more to memes than meets the eye.

Every Day I Want To Quit Social Media

I am drowning in a sea of anxiety created by Twitter and Facebook.

Here's What Medicinal Cannabis Means For Australians

The Australian government has made the decision to support medicinal cannabis - but what does it mean for the Australians already using it illegally?

"The Internet Was Fucking Me Up:" Patrick DeWitt On Books, Bubbles, & Bullshit

The author of The Sisters Brothers doesn’t have a TV, or the internet. What he does have is a new novel, and perhaps a few answers.

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