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16 People Who Were Literal Children In 2010 But Full-Grown Adults Now

The Justin Bieber picture really gets me TBH.

13 Books To Read After "Crazy Rich Asians"

To celebrate Hollywood's first all-Asian cast in 25 years, here's a list of some of my favorite books by Asian and Asian American authors.

21 Books Queer Women (And Everybody Else) Should Read

Some eye-opening, radical, and unputdownable books about gender, bodies, and identity.

50 Feel-Good Movies You Need To Watch ASAP

Get ready for lots of good music and female empowerment!

35 Cool Lists To Start And Keep In 2018

Start keeping lists of all the things that it'll be fun to look back on at the end of the year!

20 Things That Only List Lovers Will Understand

First, you make a list. Then, you exist.

10 Changes You Can Make To Have A Great Year

These changes may seem obvious but are highly underrated.

The List Of The Top Baby Names In 2016 Is Out

Is your baby's name on the list?

Trendy Foods, Ranked

I'd like to speak to the person who's in charge of *vague hand gesture* all of this.

99 Things To Call Your Boobs

Literally exactly what it says it is.

6 Quotes From Author Umberto Eco On Why People Love Lists

In this interview about his upcoming exhibition at the Louvre, the renowned Italian author discusses how lists have always been an important part of history and culture.

40 Of The Most Perfectly Timed Unlucky Photos Lead The Daily Links

Plus every stunning look from Beyoncé's 14 new music videos, the year in volcanic activity, and 13 signs you've become "that annoying couple."

The Definitive Ranking Of Crisps From Worst To Best

Corn-based or potato-based, we don't care, we pretty much love them all. But which variety is the best?

The 33 Most Important Lists Ever Written

Instructions: 1. Read, 2. LOL.


Why We All Have Trust Issues

This explains why we're all messed up.

Why I Hate List-Making

We lose too much of what's great about living with music by playing the album-ranking game.

26 Reasons Why The World Needs Instagram

Instagram isn't just for useless, stupid pictures of your food or feet at the beach.


30 Cats Hanging Out In Shoes

Cats like to sit in really weird places, like shoes apparently. Still, cats do seem to have quite an eye for a fresh pair of kicks.

20 People Who Are Having The Worst Valentine's Day Ever

It's only just begun, but some people have already declared today the worst Valentine's Day ever. Here are 20 such examples.

20 People Who Seriously Think "Twilight" Should Have Been Nominated For An Oscar

Don't underestimate the irrational rage of a Twitard. But do laugh at it!

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Balloons Since 1927

The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade has been a tradition of Thankgiving for decades. It started out as a way for the employees of Macy's to say thank you to New York. Macy's started using balloons in their parade in 1927 and it has been tradition since. Here's part 1 featuring balloons from 1927 to 1968.

Beavis And Butt-Head's Top Video Commentary

Beavis and Butt-head were pioneers. After a long hiatus, I'm glad they're back. Here was their best commentary from the old-school show.

Real Celebrity Names

Your favorite celebrity might not have been born with the name you think. Check out my list of most surprising names changes. If you want to make it in show business better change your name and make sure its cool!

The 13 Most Sexually Aggressive Cartoon Characters Ever

At least Zapp Brannigan is kind of self-aware.

Snooki Hates Us

And cookies? Waaahhhhh! List regretfully screencaptured from this week's Jerz Shore.


The 10 Songs Most Likely To Make A Dude Cry

According to this survey. Let it all out, boys. This is a safe space.


Things To Do Tomorrow (Or Today!)

Really, why not start now?

Quentin Tarantino's 20 Favorite Films Since '92

Director of upcoming 'Inglourious Basterds', horror-buff Quentin Tarantino, lists his top 20 movies since he started directing films.

Everything Tracy Jordan Said

Here is a helpful list of every line said by Tracy Jordan in season three of 30 Rock.

Movie Stars Who Die The Most

Ever wonder which of your favorite movie stars are killed off the most? It might not surprise you that Robert DeNiro tops the list with 14 deaths, but did you know that in 2 of Bruce Willis' 11 movie deaths the killer was his ex-wife Demi Moore?


Unemployed Person's To Do List

It's important to keep busy!


Ways to Be Cool

I've already followed most of the advice on this list, though I'll still need a bit of work before I'm fluent in European.

The Best Robots of 2008

Singularity Hub runs down the best robots of 2008, which is funny because while I was watching Wall-e with tears in my eyes, people were making ACTUAL FUNCTIONING ROBOTS.

25 Random Things

Don't quite understand why your friends on Facebook keep writing these lists with '25 Random Things' about themselves? I don't either. But The New York Times is now alerting the masses about how much fun it is!

Five Roles It Sucks to Be Cast for

So you get to be the crazy paedophile guy. Wonderful!

10 Porn Stars Who Twitter

Because you know you were curious and I guess you could even call this safe-for-work porn?

Jack's Favorite Trends of 2008

Try not to judge me too much on this, but these were, legitimately, my favorite things that happened on the Internet this year.

Things Dropped on New Years

In honor of New Years, with thanks to Metafilter, we present a super special list of things that are dropped on New Years Eve (aside from the world famous Times Square ball).

8 Fictional Ailments

Listicles offers up this rundown of all the fake diseases that may affect characters on screen, but you can't actually catch. But stuff on Greys Anatomy is real. That is why you shouldn't watch Greys Anatomy (or House, for that matter) if you're a hypochondriac.

50 Science Discoveries of 2008

Here's a fun list of 50 things science has taught us over the past year. #29 is unexpectedly terrifying; #31 is a perfect excuse for reading BuzzFeed at work; and #35 makes me feel really sorry for T-Rexes.

Best & Worst People of 2008

A comprehensive list of the best and worst people according to the online cultural zeitgeist. Add your own choices!

Weirdest Christmas Trees of the Season

Who says all Christmas trees (and Hannukkah bushes -- if that's your thing) have to be evergreen? Here's a roundup of the weirdest trees the web has to offer.

10 Annoying Relatives You Will Have To Deal With During the Holidays

But don't worry, after four eggnogs they'll be pretty tolerable. What category will you fall under?

Cheap Toy Roundup

Recession's got you scaling back on holiday gifts? The A.V. Club's has your solution: a roundup of this year's cheapest toys -- with perfectly reasonable explanations on why they make the perfect gifts.

The Best and Worst Ads of 2008

We all know what the worst ad of 2009 was (and AdFreak agrees), but what were some of the best ads of 2008.

Google's Most-Searched Terms of 2008

Google Zeitgeist releases Google's fastest rising search terms of 2008, meaning the ones that rose the most in frequency as compared to 2007.

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