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Lily Allen

A Porn Director Was Suspended After An Actor Said He Sexually Assaulted Her

"I’m not gonna sit back and let people like this continue to hurt other girls as they did me," actor Lily Adams tweeted.

27 Fakten über Game of Thrones, die dich vom Sattel reißen

Vorsicht: Spoiler und pimpernde Schildkröten

Loads Of People Are Mad At Lily Allen For Visiting Refugees At Calais Jungle Camp

"I apologise on behalf of my country. I'm sorry for what we have put you through," Allen told a refugee child.

25 Songs You Haven't Thought About In 5 Years

No, seriously…when was the last time you listened to Asher Roth's "I Love College"?

Judge Sections Stalker Who Broke Into Lily Allen's Bedroom

The singer said she "lived in terror" after the man burgled her house in 2015.


Lily Allen Just Took Down Kanye Haters With This Literal Burn

Haters dare not hate if you're Lily's mate.

12 Times Lily Allen Had The Best Shirt Game In Town

Props to your street style, Lily!

Lily Allen Opened Up About Her Stillbirth In A Heartfelt Interview

She also used her time on the Jonathan Ross Show to criticise sexism in the media.

Lily Allen Shares A Video Of Herself Dancing Topless In Spanx

Is this what Sheezus does on Tuesdays?


How Many Of The Greatest Pop Albums Of All Time Have You Heard?

These are the 147 most perfect pop records ever created. How much of a pop addict are you?

Lily Allen Has Taken A Selfie With Ed Miliband

It's hard out here for a... leader of the opposition.

18 Things Celebrities Did This Week

James Arthur is bitching about Rita Ora, Lily Allen's back, and Tulisa's reaping the rewards of her sex tape.

Is Lily Allen's "Hard Out Here" Video Racist Or Satirical?

The singer's new video is a lesson in how quickly an attempt at irony can become a part of the problem.

6 Things Lily Allen Said About The Controversy Surrounding Her New Video For "Hard Out Here"

"I'm not going to apologize because I think that would imply that I’m guilty of something..."

The Return Of Lily Allen Is Everything Pop Music Has Been Waiting For

She debuted the video for comeback single "Hard Out Here". And it has things to say about the treatment of women.

18 Celebrities With Short-Lived Talk Shows You Might Have Forgotten

For every Ellen DeGeneres, there's a John McEnroe.

50 Albums To Play After A Breakup

Whether you're distraught, angry, or feeling sorta numb, these are the records that are there for you when you need it most. Some will cheer you up, and others will just let you wallow.

The 31 Most Enraging Things About Living In London

Because sometimes even the greatest cities can seem like Hell on Earth.

13 TV Chat Shows You'd Completely Forgotten Existed

Who let Suggs have his own series?


15 Things You Didn't Know About "Game Of Thrones"

Brace yourselves, trivia is coming. (via

Lily Allen Is Pregnant

Lily Allen is pregnant again, as husband Sam Cooper confirmed to friends and family during Saturday’s wedding reception. According to the dress designer, the 12-week baby bump was visible under her dress.

Lily Allen Breaks Her Silence About Miscarriage

We haven't heard much from Lily Allen lately, not since her heartbreaking miscarriage.


The Hottest Women Of Indie-Rock

Hotness seems to run in the Indie-Rock genre. If you thought the guys were hot, then brace yourself….here come the ladies! They rock, and look hot while doing it.

Lily Allen Turns Into Katie Holmes Clone

No, Tom Cruise didn't make a copy of his wife. That's Lily Allen.

Lily Allen in Furry Costumes

Lily posted a bunch of pictures of herself in various stuffed costumes to Twitter. She looks pretty cute.

Lily Allen's Pervert Fan

When you're famous, fans will reach up your diaper-style performance lingerie if you get too close to them.

Lily Allen: Lesbian Snogger

Lily Allen says she "snogged" a pair of lesbian sisters while on tour in San Diego, which is really just British slang for "kissed," and American for "publicity."

Lily Allen's Cocaine Comments

The British bopper has encountered a whirlwind of controversy regarding an interview in which she commented on the media's sensationalism of drug use, claiming that she knows "lots of people that take cocaine three nights a week and get up and go to work every day, no problem at all."

Elton John and Lily Allen's Bitchfight

At GQ's Men Of The Year ceremony, a visibly drunk Allen threw it down against the equally catty troubadour.

Going Blonde

Rachel Bilson and Lily Allen have gone blonde this past week.

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