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Rare Photos Of Dustin Hoffman In Celebration Of His 75th Birthday

To celebrate the legendary actor's birthday, LIFE published never before seen photos of Dustin when he was just 31-years-old and still up and coming in Hollywood.

Chris Farley, King Of Pain

"After the shoot I looked at the [more somber] pictures and thought, 'You know, Chris is a really fun-loving, sweet guy -- that was certainly our experience with him," photographer Chris Buck told Life Magazine. "I put them away and didn't really think about it. Then a couple years later he passed away, and it was quite tragic. I read a lot about his life in the last year or so before he died, and I remembered I'd done this setup with him that was a little more quiet. I pulled the contact sheets out, and I was floored by how much this picture spoke to who he was in a way that I didn't even really know at the time."

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