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Letters Of Note

11 Incredibly Powerful Letters From History

Letters Of Note, Shaun Usher's compilation of fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos is brilliant. Here, he chooses his 11 favourite entries for BuzzFeed.

Morrissey Is Exactly The Same As He Was At 21

As evidenced by this Letter of Note: "I'm unhappy, hope you're unhappy too." This note from a pre-Smiths Moz to his pen pal is amazing.


Angry Mom Vs. Green Day

This was the exchange (between a prudish mother and Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong) that inspired the song Reject. Point being (I think): Writing pompous, priggish letters to celebrities is a useful exercise that is unilaterally good for the arts. (Via Letters Of Note)

Christopher Walken's Letter To The Fans

Letters Of Note dug up this 2004 letter from Christopher Walken to his online fan club.

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