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Asking Mami For Money


Juanes Gives Love Advice

You have to wait two years before you can FART in front of your boyfriend?!

Los Power Rangers Play Lotería

Which Power Ranger is the real champion?

Advice To My Younger Self

"The Avril Lavigne thing doesn't last long but the pictures last forever."


Latinos React To Disney Pixar's "Coco"

"This makes me proud as a Mexican."

Things Latino Dads Say

"Tu no quieres a tu papa."

16 Funny Tweets For Anyone Who Understands Spanish

"Mi papa tiene 47 anos = my potato has 47 assholes."

What Is A Pocha?

For those are don't feel "Latino" enough.

Vida Real: I Am A Sex Worker

Sex work is sometimes more than just sex.

If Latino Nicknames Were Said In English

"How are you, my little fat girl???"

19 Guaranteed Ways To Piss Off Your Mom

Catch an attitude, I dare you.

Things That Makes Latinos Curse

"Se me quemo la habichuela."

Famous Afro-Latinos On What Their Identity Means To Them

"You're not one or the other. You're both. And you should be proud to be both."

"Hamilton" Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Wrote A Heartfelt Letter To John Leguizamo

"Leguizamo is the young, gifted, and Latino hero we’d been waiting for."

Drop Everything And Look At How Sexy Prince Royce Is

♪ Someday my Prince will come ♪

Holy Shit, Diego Luna Is Starring In "Scarface"

Paul Muni, Al Pacino, and now...Diego Luna.

If You're Having A Shitty Day, Just Listen To Magneto's "Vuela, Vuela"

"Vuela, vuela, no te haaAAAce falta equipaje..."

This Oscar-Winning Cinematographer Has Been Covering The Anti-Trump Protests With His Instagram

Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubezki is making art that reflects the world.

Holy Hell, This Mexican Music Video Is So Fucking Weird It’s Awesome

Café Tacvba is flying a party bus...that invited Donald Trump.

Can You Pass This Mexican Slang Quiz?

“This is like Spanish class all over again… and I failed that too."

Immigrants And Their Children Clap Back At Trump With "#ImAlreadyHome" Tweets

"Citizenship is more than laws, papers, where you're born."

How Strange Are Your Taco Preferences?

No tacos were harmed in the making of this.

13 Tweets That Define Your Love/Hate Relationship With "Suavemente"

"This one goes out to all the Latinos in the house..."


How Many Of These Spanish-Language TV Shows Did You Know Of?

¡María la del Barrio sooooooooooooy!

Hispanic Chamber President — A Former Trump Foe — Joins Trump's National Diversity Coalition

US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce president Javier Palomarez spent much of the 2016 campaign taking shots at Trump. But he's changed his tune. "I’m very enthused and encouraged by the progress thus far."

We Went To Rubí's Quinceañera Party And It Was Really Fucking Crazy

There were only seven toilets for an event where over one million were expected.

We Need To Have A Serious Talk About Sweet Tamales

GIVE ME ALL THE TAMALES...except the sweet ones.

100 Tweets That Will Always Make Latinos Laugh Their Asses Off

"Undo the fucking brujeria spell I'm not playing with you!"

Taco Lovers Guess The Authentic Taco

"Omg, I'm getting aroused by this."

How Normal Are Your Mexican Food Opinions?

If you consider Taco Bell Mexican food, this ain't for you.

These Are The Most Popular Latino Baby Names Of 2016

Did your favorite name make the cut?

Losing My Mom Taught Me How To Grieve For America

Every single day since she died, I have wished for my mother back. But I’m glad she won’t be here to witness the next four years, and that she gave me what I need to get through them.

Black And Latino Democrats: It’s Time For New Leadership

After a humiliating defeat up and down the ticket, Democracy in Color is launching a playbook it says Democrats can not ignore if they want to win again.

A Spanish-Language Church Sign Was Defaced With Racist Pro-Trump Graffiti

The words "TRUMP NATION" and "WHITES ONLY" were written on the sign.

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