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Know Your Meme Valentine's Day Cards

Afraid you’ll be forever alone on February 14th? Know Your Meme has your back. Just use these totally awesome Valentine’s Day cards to knock the object of your affection off their feet. Featuring: Forever Alone, Long Neck Reaction, Cool Dog, and Bear Grylls!

Know Your Meme: Tenso

Internet scientist Patrick analyzes the "Tenso" meme from Brazil, and discusses it's relationship to other popular image macros of today. The picture at the end will give you nightmares.

Save The Downfall Parodies!

Know Your Meme provides a step-by-step on keeping the meme alive for Downfall parodists in the wake of the mass takedowns earlier this month.


Know Your Meme: 3 Wolf Moon

The Know Your Meme crew provide a highly scientific explanation of the mysterious origins of the 3 Wolf Moon meme.


Know Your Meme: Disaster Girl

Buzzfeed's very own replicating meme, Disaster Girl, is the subject of Rocketboom's newest episode of "Know Your Meme," in which the memologists investigate the origins of the devious child.

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