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Kanye West

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Divorce Has Been Finalized After A Two-Year Battle. Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Their Child Support, Custody, And Mediation Arrangements.

Kim and Ye — who both waived spousal support in their prenup — have finally agreed to share equal custody of their four kids, just a month after Ye claimed he should have them “100% of the time.”

Kanye West Released “Extremely Uncomfortable” Footage Of Himself Showing Porn To Adidas Executives During A Business Meeting And It’s Sparked Major Backlash

The meeting, in which Ye can be seen holding his phone to the faces of visibly uncomfortable executives while playing a pornography video, is believed to have taken place before Adidas announced that their partnership was under review.


お騒がせセレブとして名高い、イェ(Ye)ことカニエ・ウェスト。パリで開催された自身のアパレルブランドのイベントに参加しましたが、「White Lives Matter(白人の命も大切だ)」と書かれたTシャツを着用していたことが議論を引き起こしています。

How Kimye Fell From Grace

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were once pop culture’s most powerful, iconic couple. But after 21 months of divorce chaos, that reputation lies in ruins.

Trevor Noah Said Everyone “Should Have An Opportunity At Redemption” While Reflecting On His Decision To Speak Out About Kanye West’s Harassment Of Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson

“We have gotten very comfortable discarding human beings, immediately tossing them away and making them irredeemable characters … I think all of us should be afforded the opportunity to redeem ourselves.”

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