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Julie Bishop

Australia Will Have Six Prime Ministers In 11 Years

TFW your entire childhood is John Howard and then you get to vote and it is a total shitshow.

Let Us Explain WTF This Australian Politics Drama Is And When It All Happened

TL;DR: We'll probably have a new prime minister by Friday.

Everything You Need To Know About The "Sorry, Not Sorry" Battle Between Julie Bishop And The New PM Of New Zealand

New Zealand's incoming prime minister won't hold Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop's past comments against her.

New Zealand's New Prime Minister Is Very Awkward For Julie Bishop

"Should there be a change of government, I would find it very hard to build trust..." Well this is awkward.

Health Groups Are Pressuring Australia To Increase Its Family Planning Aid Budget Today

They want the foreign minister to commit an extra $10 million a year.

Australia Is Pretty Much Ignoring Donald Trump's Tweets At This Point

"... we deal with the president, with his cabinet, and with the US administration on what they do, what they achieve... "

Australia Raises "Serious Concerns" With Indonesia Over Public Lashing Of Gay Men

The two men were caned in front of a crowd in Banda Aceh.

Malcolm Turnbull Praises Trump, Reaffirms US-Australian Alliance

He said Australians were confronted by the "nasty" presidential campaign.

Australia Is Ready For President Donald Trump

tl;dr Bishop says Australia will be OK no matter who wins.

Malcolm Turnbull Isn’t Mad Wyatt Roy Went To The ISIS Frontline, He’s Just "Disappointed"

The young former MP has been described as "irresponsible", "foolish" and "stupid" for traveling to a warzone.

Julie Bishop Joins Amal Clooney In Fight Against ISIS Sex Slavery

Clooney says the UN has failed Yazidi women and girls.

Students Say Julie Bishop Is Using Them As "Political Pawns"

They've called for schools to be a "politically neutral space" during the election campaign.

New Zealand Is Seriously Pissed Off About Kiwis In Aussie Detention Centres

John Key said he had a "blunt" conversation with Julie Bishop about New Zealanders locked up on Christmas Island.

One Of Australia’s Most Dramatic Days, Told Through Snapchat

And just like that we had a new prime minister.

Peter Greste Says Julie Bishop's Death Stare Helped Get Him Out Of Prison

Australian journalist thanks Julie Bishop and her "laser eyes".


Julie Bishop Describes Serious Diplomatic Relationships With Emoji

Exclusive: World's first political emoji interview.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott Will Face Leadership Challenge

Liberal Party colleagues moved against Mr Abbott on Friday, forcing a leadership vote.

Malcolm Turnbull And Julie Bishop Team Up To Pwn Journalist

"you need to improve yr surveillance!"

Definitive Proof All Politicians Should Use Emojis In Their Tweets

Julie Bishop has opened the door and there's no going back.

Australia's Most Powerful Woman Is Not A Feminist

"It's not because I have some pathological dislike of the term. I just don't like it."

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