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Sienna Miller Said Her Pregnancy Being Leaked In 2005 Meant She Was Unable To “Think Clearly About Making A Decision” That She Has To “Live With Every Single Day”

In 2005 — after Jude Law was exposed for cheating with his kids’ nanny — reports correctly claimed that 23-year-old Sienna was pregnant. She said that reporters discovered she was in the early stages of pregnancy by illegally obtaining her medical records from her doctor.


Which Era Of Men Are You Most Attracted To?

Get ready for some really difficult choices. Just remember: In these scenarios, all of these men are in their prime.

Which Version Of Sherlock Holmes Is Your Favorite?

Use these handy diagrams to decide! Tumblr artist Baker took three popular versions of the British detective — Granada circa 1984, Robert Downey Jr. circa 2009, and BBC circa 2011 — and illustrated the differences.


Full Length "Sherlock Holmes 2" Trailer

Ssssssqqqqquuuuuuuuueeeeeeee! Buzzfeed apologizes for the lack of witty and/or informative quip in this write-up, but our editor appears to have malfunctioned.

My Blueberry Nights

Jude Law and Norah Jones star in Wong Kar Wai's latest movie, which opens next week.

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